Translated From: “They are naquerías”: Niurka thinks about Christian Nodal’s tattoos

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Niurka It has been characterized by not being silent and giving its opinion on various issues in the middle of the show, for its part, Christian Nodal has been in the eye of the hurricane After his breakup with belindaand the alleged romances he has had in recent months.

Up to date, recently Niurka was questioned by various means in the Mexico City Airportand the topic of tattoos that Christian Nodal became Belinda in the face came out to the conversation.

Niurka gave his opinion about Nodal’s tattoos on his face

The vedette commented that she warned her about getting a tattoo on her face and what this could imply in her artistic image: “I told him that he was a starwhat shouldn’t get tattooed so much the face because it is its facade”.

In addition, Niurka he pointed: “They are naquerías different from minehis is really shitty, because his f*ck looks like a newspaper.” This is not the first time that the Cuban has talked about Christian Nodal and Belinda.


In the interrogation, the vedette also gave her opinion on the lack of chemistry of Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio in their “Perrísimas Tour”, as well as the output of Aleida Núñez from the staging “Amor de tres” in which I shared credits with Ivonne Montero and Latin Lover. Niurka is about to be part of the second season of “The House of the Famous”.

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