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The presenter Karina Banda with her husband Carlos Ponce.

Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Recently many couples from the world of entertainment have taken the opportunity to get marriedthe particularity of all of them is that they have wanted to do it in secret to be able to enjoy in privacy with their closest loved ones.

Such was the case of the presenter Karina Banda and the singer Carlos Ponce who decided to have their religious wedding this weekend. Let’s remember that the couple last year married civilly.

Also, the ceremony was held in Valle Bravo in Mexico, and it was last Friday when they held the welcome party for all the guests, revealed People en Español. So far, the newlyweds have not revealed the first photo together on their social networks.

For its part, The Mexican arrived holding the hand of her father who was in charge of delivering her to the altar so that the also actor would receive it again. “I love him. The peace he gives (is unique), Carlos brings peace to my life”, revealed the bride exclusively for the aforementioned magazine.

When they got married civilly, they could not have a party to celebrate their union, since the issue of the pandemic was still quite delicate and the conditions were not there to do so. However, this time everything was very different and Banda explained the reason.

We wanted a small and very meaningful ceremony where we could exchange our votes,” the six-time Emmy winner told People en Español.

Karina stated that this ceremony was more special than they expected because despite all the years that the couple has together, her relatives did not know her husband’s children, it was on this occasion that they were all able to meet.

We have been together for four years, my parents and my brothers did not know Carlos’s children; My dad and my brothers didn’t know Carlos’s mom, they didn’t know Carlos’s brothers. The only one who knew part of Carlos’s family was my mother because of a trip she made to Miami, but my family and his family did not know each other. Having them here was priceless.“, they revealed in the aforementioned interview.

After the passage of tropical storm Agatha where it has left even floods, many of the guests could not attend the reception ceremony last Friday, as the best conditions did not exist to be able to take a flight and travel to Mexico.

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