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As the great León Larregui would say: love is rare, aaaah… The name of Amber Heard she has been everywhere in recent days thanks to the trial she is facing against her ex-husband Johnny Deppwho accuses her of defaming and ruining his career by accusing him of domestic violence and other crimes that he denies.

The case between the two has been very notorious since many people consider that the 58-year-old actor was the one who paid the worst for the “broken dishes” of a relationship where apparently both exercised violence. But hey, that’s another topic that will continue to develop and which will end with the opinion of the judge handling the case in question.

Amber Heard on July 28, 2020 outside court in London. / Photo: Getty Images

On the internet they revived the romance that Amber Heard had years ago with a Mexican actor

The thing here is that the name of Amber Heard has been in trends for a few days, something that several internet users took advantage of to remember the sentimental relationship that the American actress, known for playing the role of Mera in the tapes of ‘Aquaman’, had with a Mexican heartthrob. What?!

Yes, it is nothing more and nothing less than Valentino Lanus, a Mexican actor known for participating in some well-known soap operas such as ‘Primer amor… a mil per hora’, Mariana de la noche, Alborada, Las Tontas No Van al Cielo and others that you surely came to see in the company of your boss and without apparent intention .


It was nothing more and nothing less than Valentino Lanús

Well, it turns out around 2006 and time after his relationship with model and host Jacqueline Bracamontes ended, Lanús (then 31 years old) began a relationship with Amber Heard, who was just beginning in the fields of acting at 20 years old.

The relationship between the two was not really very popular at the time, in addition to the fact that both Valentino and Amber preferred to keep their courtship in private during the 10 months that it lasted. Of course, both of them were seen on vacation and in various events together, for which there are photos that you have surely seen on the internet these days.

How to forget when Amber Heard and Valentino Lanús were dating.
She was just starting out, and he was already famous in Mexico with the soap operas, they lasted about 10 months and there is talk that there was even a marriage proposal and everything, but she focused on her career.

— ?? ??Я??? (@EseMiBorder) April 18, 2022

It was never known why the couple ended their relationship

The reasons why the couple ended have never been revealed, and although it is said that it was because Heard wanted to focus on her acting career, Some believe that the testimony of Valentino Lanús could well help in the trial against Johnny Depp. Something that we doubt will happen, because for years the Mexican actor has been happily married and away from entertainment.

“I have never hit a woman”: Johnny Depp declares in trial against Amber Heard


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