Translated From: This is all that is known about Carmen Salinas’ state of health

Discovered on: 2021-12-05 22:53:25

Carmen Salinas is one of the most beloved and recognized artists in the show business, for this reason thousands of people have expressed concern about her health.

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Recall that the actress suffered a brain hemorrhage that left her in a natural coma, however in recent reports her family assures that she has shown improvement.

So far, Carmen Salinas has not presented any complications derived from the tracheostomy and gastrostomy to which she was subjected so that she could breathe and be fed; even his niece confirmed that the use of the artificial respirator is less and less busy, because the outlook is encouraging despite the severity of the cerebral hemorrhage, which is still being studied by doctors.

The health status of Carmen Salinas

For her part, Carmen Plascencia, the actress’s granddaughter, pointed out that her grandmother responds to various physical stimuli and confirmed that when Carmelita Salinas’ inhalations go down, automatic breathing assistance is activated.

It is worth mentioning that the granddaughter of the beloved actress also explained that Carmen Salinas had a considerable deflammation in her brain, which is a very good sign. She details that those who visit her have spoken to her to try to trigger a response from the actress.

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Until now, all the consequences that Carmen Salinas could present in the event that she wakes up are unknown; however, doctors have detailed that it would be practically impossible for him to resume his busy working life.

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