Translated From: This is how Nodal covered the tattoo with Belinda’s eyes.

Discovered on: 2022-05-28 18:24:37

Christian Nodal took advantage of a live on his social networks to show off the tattoo with which he covered Belinda’s eyes after his separation at the beginning of the year from the Spanish singer and actress.

The interpreter of “We are not and will not be” over these months has decided to erase the many tattoos that referred to his ex-partner, but removing the one where Belinda’s eyes stood out became a more complex action, but , to his fortune, he has managed to manage to fulfill his mission.

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How did Nodal cover the tattoo with Belinda’s eyes?

Christian Nodal had to join two tattoos to be able to cover the one that was made with Belinda’s eyes. This was evident while promoting his new material because at one point he took off his shirt, what a curiosity that just at that moment he did it, and the work that the singer did on his chest was revealed.

His fans were able to appreciate an eagle that lies in the center of the artist’s chest, an animal that is in full flight, just below a huge compass. On the right side of his torso is a skull with a plume, while on the other side lies another skull complete with hat.

The actions have been reciprocal because Belinda also removed one of the tattoos that honored who her fiancé was and with whom she parted ways back in February 2022 after 2 years of relationship.

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