Translated From: This is how Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita fell in love

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Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández spent almost six decades together.

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This Sunday the burning chapel of The Ranch Los Tres Potrillos so that his fans could come to give him the last goodbye. All eyes have been on Doña Cuquita, who has been his wife for 58 years. She was surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the heartbreaking image of Vicente Fernández’s widow on the singer’s coffin has gone around the world. But, What not many know how it was that Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández fell in love.

Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita fell in love because they grew up together in the town of Huentitán and knew each other almost since they were children. She was the sister of one of the singer’s friends and he fell in love with her beauty as a teenager. As the artist explained in several interviews, one fine day he told her in the church they were going to that he would conquer her.

However, his way to the altar was not easy. After a while, the race of Vicente Fernandez It began to rise and, between trips, concerts and commitments, there was very little that could be seen. So, he decided to set her free and told her to find a husband to take care of her, since he could not give her that home that Doñita Cuquita deserved.

They saw each other some time later and he immediately knew that he was still in love with her so he decided to tell her to break up with the boyfriend she had because they, Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita, they would marry very soon. Then Chente He gave her a few minutes to inform her other crush that they would not continue the relationship.

On December 27, 1963, Vicente Fernandez Y Doña Cuquita they married and had four children, Alejandro Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez Jr., Alejandra Fernandez, Gerardo Fernandez. Yesterday, his eternal companion said goodbye to him in the middle of a well-deserved tribute.

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