Translated From: This is the photo of Pilar Rubio “just woken up” from which everyone…

Discovered on: 2022-03-26 09:48:43

pillar blonde, who a few days ago celebrated her 44th birthday surrounded by her family, has starred in an image that is being highly commented on social networks. The popular television, which has more than 7 million followers on Instagram, shared an image “face washed, just woken up”which has caused a endless reactionsboth for good and for bad.

Sergio Ramos’ wife, who works on different programs such as ‘El Desafío’ or ‘El Hormiguero’, turned to her Instagram profile to post an image, just before starting work. “With a washed face, just woken up, we started recording”Pilar Rubio wrote, adding the hashtag ‘IroníaModoOn’.

Pilar Rubio turns 44 in one of her best moments.


Well, after publishing this photo with a phrase in a humorous tone, many users and followers of Pilar Rubio reacted to the publication. “A washed face because you used little water”; “You do not even believe it”; “I also want to be like this when I just woke up”were some of the comments.

However, many other followers did see the hashtag ‘IroníaModoOn’, and understood the reason for that phrase that has generated so many comments.

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