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The former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, has been characterized by having an extensive career in the entertainment world as a model and actress, although also for having starred in multiple controversies since her rise to fame. In Colombia, Machado is remembered for her recent participation in the latest edition of Masterchef Celebrity, a program in which she is remembered for the accusations and criticisms she received for her personality and problems of coexistence with other participants, in addition to the discussion she had with Marbelle, who even accused her of having invited them to prostitution.

After her controversial departure from Masterchef Celebrity in Colombia, Alicia Machado continued with her participation in projects carried out in Mexico, among which “La casa de los celebrities” stands out, a program in which she was immersed for 3 months without contact with the world. Exterior. In the end, the former Venezuelan queen was chosen by the public as the winner of the program and was left with the $ 200,000 prize offered by the reality show. However, after finishing her participation and leaving the house, the followers of the model were surprised with her remarkable physical change.

Alicia Machado lost 11 kilos in reality

In dialogue with the Telemundo program Suelta la Sopa, Alicia Machado confessed that she lost just over 11 kilos during her stay in “La casa de los celebrities” thanks to the discipline and change in her eating habits that she shared with the model and influencer Mexican, Manelyk González, one of her allies in reality. “It was a lot of effort, a lot of discipline. And I have always thought that exercise cures everything, and when I felt very bad or with very heavy energy, it is a good remedy,” said Machado.

On the other hand, Alicia Machado maintained that not only did she lose weight in the program, but she was also able to work on overcoming many of her fears, Well, in the middle of the reality show, she confessed to having been attacked by some of her sentimental ex-partners. Finally, it is worth remembering that the former Miss Universe has gone through difficult times due to her weight, because just when she was chosen as sovereign of world beauty, she was singled out and criticized by Donald Trump, former owner of the pageant.

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