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The couple met in Huentitán, Jalisco, where they were neighbors (Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)

María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as ‘Doña Cuquita’ was born in Guadalajara on July 23, 1946. At the age of 17 she met Vicente Fernández, who at the beginning of this love story was just her flirtatious neighbor, but years more Later he would end up becoming the love of her life.

The interpreter of El Rey came to the capital of Jalisco to try his luck in his artistic career and at the same time that he worked in a family restaurant as a waiter and dishwasher, he participated in events and competitions to promote his profession as a singer.

At that time, the only one who managed to deconcentrate ‘Don Chente’ from his goal of becoming an artist was precisely María del Refugio Abarca, who almost instantly struck him with her beauty and charisma.

Despite being engaged, in one of the few interviews that ‘Doña Cuquita’ has given to the media, she confessed to having seen Vicente Fernández as a persevering man full of the future, capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve his dreams. That captivated her and convinced her to marry the singer, who gave her ten minutes to finish with the one who at that time was María del Refugio’s boyfriend.

The beauty and charisma of María del Refugio Abarca conquered the heart of the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ who, despite the fact that she had a boyfriend, decided to become her husband. (Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)

Days after the warning, Vicente Fernández and María del Refugio Abarca got married on December 27, 1963. In different interviews, the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ declared that his wife had always been the great love of his life, an expression that the public he could see when he saw the images of ‘Doña Cuquita’ next to the coffin of her recently deceased husband.

However, the role that ‘Cuquita Abarca’ played in the life of the Mexican idol was not limited only to being the wife and mother of his children. Over the years, María del Refugio was in charge of her husband’s businesses, which she dedicated herself to growing for decades, as well as taking care of the family’s assets.

The Fernández Abarca marriage was extended with the arrival of their 4 children: Vicente, Alejandro, Gerardo and Alejandra, the latter being his blood niece but adopted daughter from the union of Vicente and María del Refugio.

The Fernández Abarca marriage lasted 58 years and only the death of Vicente Fernández could interfere with their love. (Photo: Instagram / @ _ vicentefdez)

The matriarch of the Fernández Dynasty, is currently 75 years old and has dedicated her entire life to the care and well-being of her family. According to statements by the late ranchera music idol, ‘Doña Cuquita’ was always in command of the administration of the Fernández family’s assets.

“I am not a very good administrator but she is, she has known how to invest, do business and take care of the family’s assets, because she is very smart about pennies and knows how to take care of them,” acknowledged ‘Don Chente’ in an interview.

Although not everything was honey on flakes in their relationship, the couple found a way to cope with the scandals and controversies that haunted the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ and that pointed him out of being unfaithful to his wife.

Today the interpreter’s widow said goodbye to him with a kiss on the coffin (Photo: Screenshot)

However, the love and patience of ‘Cuquita’ towards ‘Don Chente’ accompanied him until his last days of life and even after his death because, in the tribute of present body that was paid to the Mexican idol, María del Refugio remained all the time standing next to the coffin where the remains of the love of his life rested.

During the honors that were given to ‘Charro de Huentitán’, ‘Doña Cuquita’ was also seen breaking into tears when her son Alejandro Fernández interpreted the song Amor de los dos, a romantic ballad with which Vicente Fernández always related the story of love with his wife.

At the end of the sad event, ‘Cuquita Abarca’ thanked all the prayers that people from the artistic milieu and fans of Don Vicente Fernández made for the interpreter’s health. Later, they proceeded to give the last goodbye to the idol of Mexico in a more private way where only family and friends very close to the Fernández family were present.


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