Translated From: This was the luxurious wedding of Carín León and Alejandra Esquer in Hermosillo

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PHOTO: Instagram

The Mexican regional singer, Carin León and his wife, Alejandra Esquer, got married this weekend during a lavish ceremony and celebration held in Hermosillo, Sonora. The exclusive wedding was full of lavish details, from the floral arrangements to the cocktails.

The couple left evidence of their celebration on their social networks and through their Instagram accounts they shared all kinds of emotional moments from the wedding that took place in a famous event hall. The interpreter of El toxico y Tú wore a fine suit for the occasion and a new haircut.

PHOTO: Instagram

For her part, the bride wore two striking wedding dresses, one with a plunging neckline and details of transparencies and the other in a satin fabric. She also pushed her sulta blonde hair to one side. At all times, the interpreter boasted how beautiful his now wife looked.

As could be seen in the social networks of the organizer of the event, there was also fine glassware on the tables, with huge flower arrangements that adorned every corner of the room. Also, the track was adorned with gold paint.

PHOTO: Instagram

The roof of the marquee was adorned with white roses that hung from there, along with some luxurious crystal chandeliers. On the other hand, the bride celebrated her bachelorette party with whom it is presumed were her bridesmaids and they accompanied her all the time during the marriage celebration.

In this regard, Alejandra wrote a message on her Instagram account and shared some snapshots of the celebration: “Thank you for this beautiful and special day, I love you,” she wrote on October 22 from her profile on the social network.

PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, in the middle of this year, the interpreter became a trend due to a scandal, after he responded with insults to a fan who offended him during a presentation in Greeley, Colorado.

In a video that circulated on social networks at the time, it can be seen that while Carin was giving his show, one of the attendees offended him. When listening to him, the artist decided to answer him with rudeness.

PHOTO: Instagram

In the clip you cannot hear what the fan said to the Mexican regional artist, but because he was in the front row, he managed to get Carin’s attention, so he decided to turn around and with the microphone close to his mouth, he answered his follower: “What are you saying to me son of your * uta mother? Don’t talk to me like that to hell, don’t talk to me like that, ”Leon reproached while holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Security and part of the staff interfered to prevent a possible physical aggression from the assistant. This person apparently tried to explain the matter to the singer, so the interpreter of Me La Aventé returned to hold a conversation. “Take it easy then, let’s go piste, have a pinch * and I drink with me but let him down … Take it then, take it to the dick *”, the singer insisted and you can see that the fan decided to give the bottle a drink .


In the comments of the video, it could be read that most of the Internet users disagreed with the attitude of the person who attended the concert and took the opportunity to offend Carin. “Not because they are artists do they have to put up with people’s insults”, “Many people feel they have the power to want to insult artists but when they defend themselves, then they come out with what is rude. Learn to respect nothing else ”,“ I am glad that you have answered, people go by and I did not have to put up with it, very well Carin León ”.


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