26 thoughts on “Tichina Arnold husband EXPOSED 4 being a 304 DIVORCED HIM, Kenya Moore is threw with Marc Daly, SZA

  1. My condolences to Tisha Arnold I don't know her personally but I know her aunt who is a beautiful person and she was a part in my daughter's education beautiful family Tisha will be okay move forward!!🥰 I wish nothing but positive energy for Tisha

  2. These men, no matter what, as women get older, (even though, they're getting older, as well), they want a younger woman. These men be hittin' the wall hard, as hell, but they don't notice it, they think young women are supposed to want they olde asses. SMH. Go figure… It happens, every time. The wife is expected to stay the same age, as when they met, 25 years ago. Yet, he is allowed to look like a grandpa, dad bod type, and go around chasing 20+ years younger women.

  3. Kenya had a contract with Mark. She wanted a baby and he needed money because he was in deep debt. She paid his bills off and he got her pregnant because he was desperate for money . There was never any love there, she tried to force it but it didn't work. He can't stand her

  4. I didn't know she was married. These men never accept they wrong then try to say its us. Those liars something else. Then when we tired and snap, we bitter. No we tired of getting abused!!

  5. Two things that super successful BW need to do & regular BW can too is:

    1. Get prenuptial agreements. Very good ones that include clauses about cheating.

    2. USE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. They aren't as expensive as you think. (Getting played & giving up a chunk of your money to a lowdown cheat is MORE EXPENSIVE).

    Run criminal background checks, so you don't have pedophiles & murderers in your home. They will also find any DOWNLOW situations. Good ones can even find people who served time in prison. Credit, fraud, bigamy….

  6. Mr. Marc Nose Ring used her for xyz and she used him for xyz. He got what he wanted and split. They’re both on the come up and ain’t no love nowhere. Marriage of convenience… and it ain’t convenient no mo.

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