Source: Tiny Harris Kandi Burruss Slams Riley Daddy Russell Spencer, T.I snatch mic from BW, "Take off wig"

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40 thoughts on “Tiny Harris Kandi Burruss Slams Riley Daddy Russell Spencer, T.I snatch mic from BW, "Take off wig"

  1. #1 Vlad always do interviews with ppl that give negative feedback… He's a white man who instigates drama in the black community. These sorry ass men take up for each other, that's why it ain't no men dragging tf out of theses no good dogs bcuz they support the BS. Block's wife ain't shit either cuz she took a man back snd settled with thus man that cheated on her only for her to Not encourage her man to do the right thing for his other child. Instead she allowed this man to abandon Riley so her and her children can reap the benefits of having their father in there life. These type of Mutts are not Women.

  2. Clifford"crime stopper " Harris is a full grown granddaddy out here acting like that!! He needs to sit his highly sensitive ass down! You're not funny at all!You're a womanizing abusive narcissist. …👋 Goodnight

  3. Karma comes for bad parents and it comes in a different ways. Just get your snacks ready to watch when it does! Don't laugh just saying I'm here watching 🧐

  4. Tiny should stay out of it with her disrespectful ass husband and the shit he said bout his daughter Deja and hiw he treat other women… As far as Kandi she knew the deal fucking with a married man Kandi chose to have that child see she thought Riley was going to make him divorce his wife now im not saying its right how Block moving but Kandi mama should have told her a baby dont keep no man… As far as Todd he doing the right thing staying out that shit truth be told Todd is going to stay out of it because he dont want to mess up his money train… Kandi taking care of his ass Todd better not say nothing… And its true Todd didnt start dealing with his daughter Kayla really until he got with Kandi Kayla n Todd are not close at all they put on for the housewives franchise…

  5. Kandi is a good mom. Rileys father should step in and pay child support and be around his daughter. How can anyone not be around their child. No matter how much money Kandi has— Russell Spencer should pay his child support and spend time with his daughter.

  6. She thought he would leave his wife when she said she was pregnant. He didn’t think you were all that YOU thought you were! You were rachett for having a baby with a married man! I still feel that way all of these years later! You were bad enough screwing a married man but you had to devastate his wife with that b- azz move! Forget Russell, I hate him for what he did, his comments and arguing about money! Russell, you are a big biatch and you’re going to hell! THE WIFE DID NOT DESERVE THAT KIND OF LASTING HURT! LASTING HURT! Kandi , your Karma is going to snatch your breath away!!

  7. Riley's dad is making excuse and needs to be ashamed of telling all of this to the public, the shade room and social media.
    Instead of running his mouth, he needs to talk to his daughter, who is grown now.

  8. If TI don't pay he can and should be sued! That was a verbal commitment on social media and I hope she does. Its a lawyer out there that need this case under their belt who will work probono.

  9. 🙋🏾‍♀️(raising my hand to speak) Todd aint say ish because he a piece of poop azz pappy too. He didn't do for his first GIRL child so how he gone speak. He only do for Kandi kids and thats with Kandi money. Kandi offered her money to help his now grown child and he told her no she need to work for it. Who would turn down someone giving ther child a leg up in life. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. If you watch the interview Block said he payed his child support and that they were all good , he even said 1 of his other daughter lived with Kandi and Riley for a year , you going in on Vlad because he won't let you play his clips you ain't doing nothing but gossiping also at least he gets it from the horses mouth you gossiping on top of gossip.. lmao 😭😭😭😭

  11. Tameka needs to STOP he directly called that woman a Bitch but, again she’s licking his ass & vouching for his behavior( he wasn’t directly calling her a bitch! Then what the hell was he doing? Sad when proof is right in front of you & you try to twist the story around to defend your husband! NO RESPECT for Tameka anymore…… he said out his mouth he’d give her a million & he called that woman a Bitch. Pay up Clifford or your reputation is going to suffer

  12. TIP success has gone to his head! Literally………. Who the hell does he think he is? Obviously there’s some TRUTH to the allegations against he & Tameka( he’s LUCKY that the statute of Limitations has expired or the Harris’s would be charged) he does NOT have to set an example he is rich as he was poor…… the same dude. Young people should NOT look to these “celebrities” as role models. He should stick to his craft “Rapping” and leave Comedy alone if he’s that SENSITIVE and run that woman the MILLION $$$$ bcuz he did cal her “BITCH” now let’s see since there’s proof that he did…….If he’s a MAN of his word. And for Tameka to get on and comment simply shows how much of a puppy dog she is to him! SAD, SAD, SAD that she’s gonna side with her man by any means necessary……. TIP aka Clifford Harris is WRONG on all levels & I’ve just LOST a lot of RESPECT for him & Tameka(LMAO? Really Tameka what was funny about how your husband just behaved & embarrassed himself? 🤔🤔🤔 there’s some TRUTH to the allegations…….

  13. I had to remove my son from the elementary school his sons went to because he son was jealous of my quiet smart son his son terrorize the whole school he showed his ass I had to come up against the principal and his mother who didn’t give a damn honey when I was done with them at aps I didn’t give a damn who child it was. Yes at Toomer Elementary in Kirkwood that son of his was horrible

  14. Basically after all these yrs he's still taking ish all to make his wife feel good and appease her bc she was the one who really didn't want Reily around bc she's insecure! After all these yrs like Tiny said year after yr this fool ain't done nothing for her! Ok so they were messing around while he was married she knew he was married and hell HE KNEW he WAS A MARRIED man! So here comes the baby! Kandi kees her baby and this lying cheating ass decides along w / his wife to not be in her life well then just pay for the child support! Nope…didn't do that and now he takes his weak lame ass on Vlad and talks ish! Loser….!

  15. I’m so sorry for Riley. Kandi is a beautiful, smart momma. That man was a sperm donor. How dare he speak negatively. Love you ladies. It all will be fine. And I enjoy listening to you.

  16. I’m glad Riley asked for what’s owe to her.. he didn’t do anything for as a father, the least he could have done was to make her feel wanted as his child but he didn’t so yeah get your money Riley.

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