Source: TMZ – BACKGRID = THE HARKLES?? Something smells rotten…

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42 thoughts on “TMZ – BACKGRID = THE HARKLES?? Something smells rotten…

  1. I am sympathetic about Thomas’s stroke. My issue is what is the motivation to exploit such a terrible situation? People have stated that someone was filming to send to his family. That is fine, but the video could be sent privately or at the very least if he wanted to press to know, give the courtesy to Dan Wooten. This was done for money. I am fine with that, however this was done in a shady way. It was not leaked and I am sorry but the excuse of medical bills does not float with me. I said this yesterday that he is already covered in a few threads. He went to the US because he most likely is on Medicare and everything is covered. He also must be collecting social security. If he did not have health insurance, he would not have gone to the US as the cost is tripled here. Medicare benefits and disability benefits are actually really good, in fact if you qualify for disability, the benefits are better than if you have regular insurance. So speech therapy and rehab are all covered.

  2. I don't trust the family either. I'd said previously that no one from the hospital leaked that video. It's obvious from the Backgrid mark. Why are they (the adult children) giving media interviews and leaking pictures and videos while their father is so ill? Just to prove it? If this was my parent, I wouldn't give a damn who believed it as I'd just be praying my loved one didn't die. I know people won't like my opinion, but MM and the whole family are questionable and while I hope he recovers and sees many years to come, that doesn't mean I can't see through an entire family benefiting from THE Royal Family.

  3. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he does have a photo he’s making money and it’s all a set up. If he doesn’t have a photo then it’s all a fake and untrue.

  4. My radar went up immediately! How coincidental and timely. Now Meghan can milk it for all its worth if she can squeeze it in while exploiting dead children. She sure is a fraud.
    I’m pretty sure that you can’t fake a stroke but it all seems very very suspicious. 🤔

  5. If you look closer he is still on the stretcher the paramedics brought him in on. He hasn’t been put in a bed yet. I believe the paramedics haven’t removed the breathing bag on his face. They have to still be there with him until a nurse takes over. He can’t talk so I doubt he’s giving consent to send any photo to the press. Having a heart attack then a stroke I doubt he’s in any shape to worry about nonsense. It depends on what kind of stroke he had as to the evaluation of damage. I don’t know how the press received the pic or who sent it but most people wouldn’t want their picture taken while in the emergency room.

  6. dont know about stroke but think he could be very stressed. i believe he was cornered into going to london and there were a lot of events arranged for him when he got there as well as interviews. overwhelming for anyone to deal with let alone a 70 + unhealthy man. why has remarkable friendship not said anything about thomas on their joint channel?

  7. Somethings strange (fishy )100 n 10 percent and going to Texas to pay her so called respects she is still making me 🤮🤮she is exploiting kids now shameful evil women in fact couple they deserve each other disgusting 🤢🇬🇧

  8. No way I have been a nursing sister for 34 yrs and he would not look like that no heart machine,no lying flat, he could not sit like that if he had a stroke, also he would have bars on his stretcher that would have been pulled up each side very suspicious to me

  9. When seeing all the photos together, Mr. Markle appears startled or surprised when he notices the photos being taken. I have serious doubts about that sleazy looking Karl Larson and don't like the way he has pressured Mr. Markle into doing that pathetic YT Channel. I've only viewed it once and was far from impressed with the way that Mr. Larson was constantly leading Mr. Markle into agreeing with him on his every opinion. I'm sorry but to me, he is just using Mr. Markle as a means to his own ends. Without Mr. Markle, how far did he think he was going to get when going to England by himself? There would be no way that Lady C would have gotten involved, nor anyone else if not for Mr. Markle being dragged across the pond at Mr. Larson's suggestion. I simply do not trust this man nor his intentions. Someone, such as Samantha, needs to step in and stop her father from being used in this manner. My first thought of who took these photos was naturally Mr. Larson. Someone needs to save Mr. Markle from himself plus his gullibility and naivety in trusting these shady characters far too easily. There is nothing he can do to get Hazbeen and Megnut to communicate with him until they want too and it's pointless trying to force himself on them or the Royal Family. I only hope that he has a quick recovery and comes to his senses.🇦🇺💖🕊

  10. I am suspicious that the 2 snakes have threatened Markle that something dreadful will befall him if he shows up at the Jubilee. They well know he doesn’t have the funds to litigate such a threat. He is, after all, their total lackey. Markle stated that PH has spoken to him like he’s trash. I have also always believed that Meghan told Harry that Thomas MRkle sexually molested her as a child to justify keeping him away from her as she is famously ashamed of her father, seeing him & the rest of her family as beneath her. Lady C once hinted that Meghan may have told this lie about her father. Perhaps his current illness – if he even has one – may be the cause of his trip cancellation which is exactly what the 2 Liars want.

  11. Thomas Markle was previously not believed by some when his heart attacks occurred in 2018. If Thomas agreed to be photographed while suffering from the recent stroke, perhaps he agreed so that proof of being ill was documented. I doubt that the photographs were planned by Thomas to get money for Thomas.
    Whoever snapped the photographs, though, might be taking advantage of Thomas without Thomas’s knowledge. Karl Larsen does not inspire trust.

  12. Love you, but I think you're way off the mark. You cannot fake a stroke. Especially if after which you have brain damage and you can't walk and you can't talk. What's the secondary gain? Asking as an ER doctor. I still of course put a like because I love you to the Moon and back as a creator.😍😍😍😍😍

  13. I could see Thomas Markle Sr giving his permission for Thomas Markle Jr to take the picture and send it to TMZ because they know the public would think Mr. Markle was faking his hospitalization. And they were correct since many commentators have said as much. I also think it is a way for Mr. Markle to communicate with his daughter, via the press she so loves, that this was serious in the hopes she would call or visit. Also, I haven't see any news article about either of the Markles being paid for the photo.

  14. Question? Wonder if Tom Bower uncovered Markle Web, for his book? Dad was Hollywood Lighting Director/sitcom Married with Children. Was with Dorio, had older kids/Mee-gain? Did he not have TV contacts/familiarity with P.R. back then, & older kids, Dorio too? Family scandals back then too?

  15. It was definately a set-up, by Thomas Markle himself?? You have to be some kind of desperate to actually get someone to film this type of stuff as it happens! Thomas or Thomas Jn, who knows but this was done with consent. I have absolutely no respect for the whole Markle clan, anything to make a buck!!

  16. Thank's for extensive research! IMO,, when I read dad's stroke, thought something up? Same timing like Mee-gains wedding? IMO, another set up- Karl Larsen-Backgrid photos for Mee-gain & You-tube channel for her dad? Are we being Markled by the whole family, Mee-gain , Hair-wee, Tomas, Dorio, siblings?

  17. Why shouldn't Mr. Markle want his plight known around the world? He may hope it bring the grandchildren to his bedside. He's been a sick and failing elderly man for a long time. If he's not as polished and sophisticated as other people in this situation, I think that proves he's struggling with it. I wish him the best.

  18. First I really hope he is well. I found the pic suspect. He's on a rebreather but where are all the staff? There is a small window of time to diagnosis type of stroke and provide treatment. I would think he would be monitored, 2 Iv's in place for emergency etc. etc. it's a different country so maybe that's it

  19. She set her father up with karl Larson and the pre-wedding photos.
    The deal was that, in exchange, she occasionally gives him some scoops ( IMO )
    KL plays both sides.

  20. This whole thing just seems too convenient, the timing and the illness. Who poses for a pic while having a stroke? Who would even think of being photographed while having a stroke??? Sure sounds like a big PR stunt.

  21. Harry and his wife would not want TM to be in London at the same time they visit. Having accepted Lady Campbell’s kind offer of hospitality, it is quite conceivable that TM felt under real pressure and stress. He has previous heart health issues and a well documented hospitalisation is an acceptable reason not to go. Either way Back Grid appears to be in contact with both sides of the family. Was TM stressed by being manipulated? “If he goes to London, he’ll never meet his grandchildren” is the sort of message I can imagine being relayed to him via his remarkable Back Grid friend. So Harry and his wife will not need not pass up the opportunity to grift off the Jubilee, because they know the reality.

  22. I call BS. I'm suspicious of Thomas Markle all of a sudden 'having a stroke'. This will be his excuse why he can't go to the Jubilee that he was adamant he would be showing up for. That picture sure doesn't look like someone suffering, but making sure they are looking DIRECTLY at the camera. Who else does that when photographers' 'shouldn't be there'? And he's in Mexico. So, there just happens to be photographers waiting at the hospital or his home? It all smells rotten. I wish people would get that we are being played over and over again. People need to wake up.

  23. Is Jezebel silent or silenced by whom his father not to join the jubilee & not to continue his Utube channel?
    This stroke is a bit comic for me. I didn’t believe in this another markle debacle. It’s again a question of money!
    Forgive me if I’m wrong but something is cooking inside that nobody can see!

  24. She is not worried at all because She doesn't realise the extension of this TMZ man has on her own life.
    One thing people have to realise: PR companies buy space in the newspapers to publish their articles!!! Once the space it's sold, the PR can put articles of any of their clients! The newspapers don't have a word on it! Thus the 273738393 articles the newspapers publish about her is her own PR (sun-sack) that buys the space and chose the article. That's also why you have opposite view articles side by side in the newspapers! (Allegedly/my opinion).

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