36 thoughts on “TMZ: Brittany Murphy Dies!

  1. She was always gracious and receptive
    to the media and her fans.She seemed
    friendly and engaging.The people who
    really knew her have nothing but nice things to say about her.The fakes who
    want attention at her expense are all quoted as "an anonymous source" I miss her too.

  2. @mansfield67 I must be a star then…LOL….If you find the right doctors, you can have the arsenal of prescription medicines they have…not good, trust me. I'm a lab rat..

  3. hopefully hw will wake up and deal with the morbid infatution with skinny actresses which is probably one of the factors that lead to her death as well as the drug use RIP BM :-((((((((((

  4. I have seen few of her movies. Though she may not be mega famous but she has the image of the girl next door. Her movie – uptown girl is a good one. Rest in peace from kuala lumpur, malaysia

  5. OMFG wtf is up with 2009?? SO MANY stars have died. R.I.P Brittany Murphy…but i mean seirously…i hope next year isnt as bad….god…this makes me sad…when someone dies a few days till christmas…her husband must be heartbroken. i would never open thoes christmas presents 🙁

  6. c'mon… i just can't belive it…I saw it on tv this morning before work.. and… no! I was so sad… so shocking for me… I think the world is in pain right now… so many countries leved her…RIP Brittany… or like we say here in Argentina: DESCANSA EN PAZ!
    Love an kisses from Argentina…

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