10 thoughts on “TMZ: Fred Durst gets insulted by Rage Against the Machine bassist

  1. At least Limp bizkit are fun, don't give a [email protected] and don't take themselves too seriously. Whereas Rage against the machine are a bunch of hypocrites, who were never raging against the machine at all. Sure, i enjoy their tunes. But they're so politically naive it's laughable. Especially considering their very first album came out on a major record label and now nearly 30 years later, they're basically just raging along side the machine, promoting the mainstream "woke" agenda and charging $500 for concert tickets.
    Rage have sold out more than Limp bizkit ever did.

  2. I thumbs down this because: Fred Durst back in 2000 gave a FREE TOUR back to basics and I got free tickets to see them and cypress hill dispute Napster by giving a free tour to fans who waited in line at each venue..fred walked the entire line of 4400 people who waited days to hours for free tickets meeting greeting them like a true artist he is. No other band can lay claim to that . Much respects to them….F all the haters. They are dead wrong about Durst. True to the core..

  3. The more I see interviews with Fred off the cuff the more I love the guy… by the way rage against the machine… what a disappointment they turned out to be huh? Talk about conformist bullshit

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