35 thoughts on “TMZ has footage of camren on a date – Camren Q&A pt 1

  1. So that’s you, hi! You’re cute and seems sweet! And I like your voice. Yes, please do more of this! I’m new to this but I like watching your videos!👍😀

  2. If anyone wants the PDF of TaT give me your email, I downloaded it when it was still available (It's my first time reading and I'm like at chapter 62 I'm SO happy I can continue reading) It's the bible

  3. Wait is the stripper like finished? Because I'm reading a version that is currently still under editing. Is there a finished version because if there is can someone pls tell me how to find it👍🏻

  4. IMO i think the last year of Camila with the group was very hard for her, i can see from her face sadness and she looks exhausted in some of their tours, and by that time maybe management were getting in between their relationship ( whatever relationship they have) i mean especially if its more than friends. And also i observe how interaction between camren has gone cold slowly, i mean we all know how open camila is when talking about her crushing on lauren, and suddenly it change. I know for sure camila had feelings for lauren, vc versa , we all see it and she is much more than willing to show her emotion towards lauren that's why it would have been painful to her part whenever they had to deny the feelings, or lauren on her part to deny it, i saw the pain in camila's face when ask during an interview if lauren and her are dating and lauren said "NO", she looks so hurt and sad but trying to hide it. And honestly guys it's really painful being with someone you truly love erveyday but you have to suppress the feelings, no wonders camila loses weights, maybe from stress at work and from her feelings. just my opinion 😘😁

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