Source: TMZ has Michael Jackson on Security Camera Jewelry Shopping for James Safechuck in 1989!

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22 thoughts on “TMZ has Michael Jackson on Security Camera Jewelry Shopping for James Safechuck in 1989!

  1. James Safechucks story gets more ridiculous every time I hear it.

    So how could Michael pretend to be shopping for a woman and having James try on the jewelry because they had similar finger sizes……so did James wear women's jewelry or did MJ say his girlfriend liked men's jewelry?

    Maybe he should ask his mother the time traveler…..

  2. You mean when 1989 when james was 12? He didn't even meet him until 96. Didn't he say he got a ring when he was 7? If you did any research. James safe chuck was 15 turning 16 when he wrote his 93 statement . The kid went with him to talk so nobody would know he was Michael because Michael was swamped wherever he went. The footage of Michael going jewelery shopping. Safechuck was 12 and they did talk about the boy in the Zales interview they even say he was 12. And out of tons of pics of safe chuck and Michael and he's never wearing a ring in any of them. Nor could Safechuck produce a picture of him wearing a ring. Or jewelery after saying he liked jewerly so much. Your not giving the facts. Or that Wade robonson dated and lived with brandy Jackson from 12 to 20. They moved in together when they turned 18. Wade Robonson is the one who broke up Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Thats also the reason Wade and Brandon's Jackson broke up after 8 years of dating, 2 which they lived together from 12 to 20. That's why brandy Jackson. Michael's brothers daughter. His neice broke up with Wade after 8 yrs. And why Timberlake broke up with Brittney. She's doing plently of interviews but your not listening to her. I bet you haven't listened to one. The whole family knew Wade his whole childhood. Not just because of Michael but because he spent a lot of time with the Jackson family. How do you think he was able to to go to the funeral? If Michael had dumped him at 14???? because he was dating Brandy Jackson from 12 to 20 They met at 10 but we're still to young for dating until 12. They are 7 months apart in age, not that it matters but Wade also didn't move to America until he was 9. He was in the black and white video and two other music videos. But that's how he knew Maxuly from the black and white video which Brandy was in as well and Macully is either older than Wade! Or the same age. So how did he freaking replace him? Bret Barnes? I think their the same age or Brett's older too. I'm gonna fact check it. Buy home alone was filmed in 89. I think Maculy was 10. And Wade was 9 I'm not sure. But in the black and white video was looks a couple years younger than maculy. So to say he replaced him is ridiculous l Also everyone google Wade Robinson's picket Fences 94. He's been in more shows than this, but this is a good clip, he was in a good part of the episode. Also what about the news clip of him waiting with his mom overnight to get Michael's history CD??? At about 11. Explain why They were so in love, but Mike couldn't even give him one of his history CDs????? And just why are you saying they didn't talk about the kid James in the jewelery store news? because in the news story they even said safe chuck was 12. And he was there to speak for Michae. this is the height of Michael's fame 1989, Fans would swarm and attack him out in public by jumping on him and trying to get pictures and hugs. The news story talks about the boy and says he was 12 and Michael couldn't speak because that everyone would know it was him. You just showed the footage of what was brought, you didn't show the news story or that the Zales was a couple blocks from the kids house. the only reason he was their without his mom was because they were only going around the corner. otherwise their isn't a picture or security footage of Michael with kids without their parents anywhere. James constantly lies about his age. Theirs also pictures of him hanging out with Michael and Lisa Marie. Not many but a couple. It seems like someone sent you this clip and your basing your opinion off whatever they said. James safechuck is between 4 and 5 years older than Wade depending on the the month. He met him on the set of the Pepsi commercial which was the only job he ever really got it the acting world and he said in all his first interviews was that he thinks Michael Jackson liked him because he wasn't a fan of that music because he didn't really know who Michael was other than a singer. He wasn't on awe of Michael. Also their are a good amount of people Mike kept his friendships with from childhood through adulthood.After the last trial, even before that he distanced himself from everyone because he lost trust in everyone. These guys got paid for their interviews and they have book deals and their suing the estate. This is a money grab that all it is. And in an older interview Dan greed says he likes to call himself a gun for hire. Just do your own research. Instead of taking a bit of a story sent to you by someone else. You would be showing the news story aired in 1989. You would know the kid was 12 than and 15 when he gave his statement I. 93 in defense of Michel 15 turning 16. Why is it not said that Wade Robinson dating Brandy Jackson for 8 years and lived with her for the last two until he got busted sleeping with Brittney Spears. Smh. Tell the whole story to thing's. Don't be a part of ruining the system. innocent until proven guilty. Plus Michael was proven guilty Michaels last raid was in 2004 by the FBI who had been alrealdy investigating him, tapping him and his phone calls recorded. Investigated by the FBI for two years. A raid with 70 agents that took 17 of his computers and turned his house upside down. And than he was found innocent on 14 out of 14 counts in a trial. The FBI They wanted Michael bad. But their was nothing. Jesus at least be someone who shows both sides of the story. If your gonna be biased because of your opinion. Many people are coming out now saying once they had a little time and did a little bit of research on the time line and the accusers that they were wrong, and Michael is innocent. After making videos saying he was guilty. A week later their making videos saying I'm sorry I was wrong this man is innocent show the public both sides. Seek the truth instead of seeking for your opinion to be right.

  3. There is a newsreel from 1989 detailing this incident. I saw two different newsreels. In one of them, Star Magazine claims MJ said he was shopping for wedding rings and planning to marry his backup singer Sheryl Crow. Another newsreel confirms that MJ was with a little boy who did most of the talking. Neither newsreel thought anything suspicious about the child, which is strange.

  4. Some people try really hard on making Michael look a pedo…Sadly for you, Michael Jackson is NOT a pedo and was only looking fo ring NOT buying one and he was looking one because he wanted to marry Sheryl Crow NOT Safechuck that man is really a psycho! According to James in the movie, the “mock wedding” took place 1 year after the Pepsi commercial, which was filmed in 1987. This makes the “wedding” happening in 1988. Well, the video of Michael at the store was recorded in May 1989. Also, note that Safechuck said that he went in “honeymoon” with Michael in 1988 at Eurodisney when Eurodisney did NOT open until 1992. So this guy must be a damn time traveller!And Michael did NOT buy anything from the jewelry store. He went to a GIFT store (THE FOOTAGE IS FROM THE GIFT STORE) where he bought TOY figurines and a pair of heart-shaped SUNGLASSES.and there's this article from May 03, 1989 that LA times published at that day reporting Michael was ONLY looking at rings and that day Michael Jackson and a boy he was with visited a gift store and bought several toy figurines and a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, Sliester said. Then they drove away in a brown Mercedes-Benz. So here as you can see(you might be blind that's why you can't see the obvious) he is in the GIFT STORE AND HE BOUGHT TOYS AND SUNGLASSES! That why you will see the plastic bag, the little girl as the cashier and the boxes in the boxes with a lot of little things hanging there!! Also buying a ring again is NOT any proof to Safechuck's claims who owes the MJ Estate ALOT OF MONEY!
    oh and also read this @t just to get informed of what REALLY HAPPENING! If you don't want to be media slave.

  5. Its So obvious that James & Wade are telling the story they WISH happened ! I think they were both in love with him there whole lives and after Michael was gone they realized there whole identity had been Michael, everything that they got or had, a house, a rolls, fame … all attached to the kindness of Michael . And when hard times set in ( or reality) they came back for another bite and now it would be easy for them without Michael around . There whole documentary screams WE ARE MICHAEL'S BOYS , WE ARE HIS LOVERS AND WE DESERVE SOMETHING . I hope they get what they deserve too for this has been one of the most backstabbing evil things I have ever seen !

  6. They will RESURRECT MJ even 100 years later with new "fresh" allegations as
    MJ has been / will always profitable$$$

    Media first tried it in 1977 when they released he had sex change operations: girls fainted screamed big disaster… but the result is:
    It worked SUCCESSFULLY! His albums went skyrocketed so 1993 2005 now 2019. If 5 people leaves no worries 50 people join in.
    Dark forces using MEDIA will not stop.

    So i'm happily moonwalking in my world. Don t give them a fig!

  7. Most of yall dont really know this but michael was actually engaged in 89-91 so in this video he was most likely buying the ring. The reason he never got married to the girl was because she broke it off with him and told him to be with brooke Shields

  8. It’s not surprise that Safechuck would be in the Jewelry store least of which with Michael, because he knew he could get what he wanted…… if you’ll remember many of James Safechuck’s peers that were around Michael at the safe time including Bret Barnes said that Safechuck had a thing with Jewelry….. Michael bought these kids whatever they wanted……. So the very idea of them even being in the Jewelry store may not have even Michael’s….Michael himself was not a Jewelry person…. Michael buying toys and sunglasses seems more consistent with him….btw that’s not to say that Safechuck is not combining truth and fiction to construct his narrative…… There’s still remains a great deal of holes in his story….. And again it sound like his story comes straight from Victor Gutierrez’s book…..

  9. Why the heck are you believing TMZ? You're falling for tabloid garbage. Prove it's Safechuck. Prove he bought a ring. Prove he gave the ring to Safechuck. Prove he gave the ring for a specific reason. Jackson used to give jewelry to people all the time. This is all weak speculation and conjecture and doesn't remotely condemn Jackson as a pedophile. Absurd. Man couldn't even go shopping without being swarmed. Let him rest!

  10. I didn't invoice this before until a utuber pointed it out but during an interview with Oprah when she asks him about the wedding you see safeCHECK rolled his head to the side and he's smiling like that whole story was rediculous he swallows aaaand he goes back to recover his sad act. Plus, I can't make out the face of the kid on the video so why is everyone saying it's James. I mean was it confirmed by eye witnesses it was James?

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