44 thoughts on “TMZ Interview – Marianne Williamson

  1. How do we remove the heavy lead called ignorance (greed/hate) from the spring board of truth (love) so that the springboard of truth (love) can rebound to its natural position of "joy" and launch "us" to the heavens (joy, beauty and harmony)?

    MABA. Make America Beautiful Again. Marianne 2020.

  2. Of course TMZ brings the crappy celebrity connection…cuz they are losers who feel the celebrity gossip culture…she answers these papparazzi sleaze balls well. Marianne is great…TMZ is crap.

  3. TMZ doing an actual newsworthy segment for once. Yes, Marianne is great….TMZ not so…..they are just a gossip channel trying to get traction 99 percent of time.

  4. We so badly need a woman President. Men have run this country since the beginning and we all know how that has turned out. We need the thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion that women can bring to the table. Who knows we might even finally have world peace!

  5. The will of the few very morally corrupt people holds the future of the whole of the American people, and it’s time of the whole of the the American people to take a stand and make it count.

  6. I'm so sick of people saying she's awesome. She's the truth but won't vote for her. Because they say she can't win Trump prove you can win he had no track record either people don't really want the truth She says we have a toxic environment in K-8 we have bad people running government same people Biden Kamala and the rest of them 30yrs or more but nothing improving same sick healthcare Sys same wars mongers same liesand promises we need change not same faces

  7. I pray she goes to other big cities like Atlanta, GA or Minneapolis, MN ….then I KNOW she will gain MOMENTUM / traction that will get her MORE MAINSTREAM attention IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!

  8. "I'm a very substantive thinker" who not only believes in but goes around spreading Bronze Age fairy tales crafted by illiterate goat herders.  Praise Jaysus!!!!

  9. We need another bible-thumper like we need herpes.  Faith is believing what you know isn't true.  The USA is going to need a lot more than prayers and miracles and unicorns…………………………..

  10. Can't believe he shifted other guy down like that. Make an expression on the black guy's face. I bet they had a conversation about that after the shows though. They needed to. Very typical.

  11. Actually as bad as trump is, he's kind of opened the door for a variety of interesting candidates. If you can have an orange hued, tantrum throwing, infomercial spouting, infantile fast food mascot as President, why not a celebrity healer who has a stunning grasp of American history and human psychology?

  12. It doesn't help for people to take her as seriously when on the top right it says "Oprah's spiritual guru" Yang is interviewed by Oprah and getting press of great about it. She is a friend, and it's a knock against her. Thanks but why is that up the corner. Stop. This would not and does not happen to men. Amma is a woman! She is not a "guru". Celebrity supporters? Drop the Oprah like it's a put down. Makes me angry. Are you asking the men this question? Some of it out here – and the rest typical mysogyny. Sorry. Treat your guests, your candidates, equally. Trump is Alex Jones' "guru". Who cared enough about that? Thanks for the airtime but do you see how this interview was so different? Ask her about the issues instead of the Kardashians! Ask Bernie what celebrities are pushing for him. You don't. Ask her about the issues. She has to squeeze it in there. Annoying.

  13. A great deal of body language there, as Harvey continues to interrupt and talk over Charles. I laughed as Marianne put Harvey in his place, mentioning that nearly 30 years had passed since the "knowing". hahaha Don't ya just all luv personality politics, American style? hahaha So good to see Marianne stepping outta that conditioned mould.

  14. She is THE TRUTH. We can expect so much progressive movements and upward momentum for the country with Marianne2020. She is the first female president not because we need a woman but because she is the best PERSON for the job. Nobody comes close to her level of mental capacity and understanding. She is so learned. OMG I can't wait to let her out on the debate field. She needs some big big marketing help. I want to see her face and name everywhere.

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