Source: TMZ Releases Extended 911 Call That Shows Ortencia Refering To Kevin Samuel’s Mom & Daughter…🫢🧐


Full 911 call:

Video from Kevin Samuel’s Friend:

911 call:

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30 thoughts on “TMZ Releases Extended 911 Call That Shows Ortencia Refering To Kevin Samuel’s Mom & Daughter…🫢🧐

  1. Funny how people say black women celebrate his death when I didn't even no anything about him before he died but his name they said black women celebrate kobe death and we was bashed about that white woman and men celebrate kobe death and nobody was saying white people celebrate kobe death my point is black women get blamed for everything and other ethnicity who do the same thing are ignored

  2. How can she get an AED if the front desk wasn't in the loop or she did not know what apt #? She claimed that she couldn't stop doing CPR to get the information for 911 to find their location? She could've looked at a piece of mail or even her phone. I'm sure she had to know where he lived to get there..

  3. You can hear her slight anger in her voice a little bit because she knows what she’s doing but they’re not really listening to her & I hear a person trying to save someone life & basically telling him to hold on, .. nobody knows the exact factual facts of Kevin and this woman’s relationship even if she was a “booty call” or whatever to him she chose to play a part in whatever role he saw fit in Kevin’s life. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. If she Said thunk about "Big Sherly " Black women, HE would still be alive. The mom and daughter she told him to think about wouldn't bring him back he really doesn't care. Lmao

  5. The fact that she mentioned his family means nothing. He's likely no brand new to her. Anyone who's watched more than one video has heard him speak of his mother, who raised him and his daughter from one of his marriages. This was not exclusive information ℹ️

  6. We all knew about Kevin’s mom and daughter. Kevin was murdered. The elites took him off the chessboard and placed a “nurse” on scene to make it look believable.

  7. Earlier this year, Kevin Samuels actually mentioned that he was dating someone in one of his shows. Not sure how long it lasted or if this is the same woman.

  8. Kevin Samuels was a man , single and rich, people should not be that surprised 😲 by the fact that he had a fling before he died. If what they had was deep she would never have denied it. Her mentioning his mother and daughter is not proof of them not having a one night stand.

  9. This was a [email protected] 911 on so many levels. 1. You don’t know the difference between an apartment complex vs a house? 2. If a experienced or licensed nurse you do what you can or what you know. Why is she being COACHED? 3. The 911 dispatcher is a jacked up. Why you asking what she needs? What else is 911 for? Then let’s go back to the so called nurse, she panicked on the phone. 4. Why is this or why was this released to the general public? Clearly no respect for this guy’s family. If you ask me, I really don’t think this guy is dead regardless of who was there and what was said. This is nothing more than Hollywood, Hollyweird at a high level.

  10. Heck, I would not admit to being a one night stand.
    The night she told the police she had just meet Mr Samuel I'm sure she wasn't thinking about public opinion of herself during a moment of crisis.
    When two people first meet and are trying to get to know each other mentioning family members isn't unusual.

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