49 thoughts on “TORY lanez EXPOSED Joshua Pete aka MEGAN thee stallion 🧐😳🚩Flagontheplay ALLEGEDLY #tmz

  1. You ain’t prove shit in this video….I suggest you do more research on the topic before wasting all of our times just listening to you make sound effects in the background.

  2. Hell ppl think I'm a man off my profile picture and I'm positive I'm not one…. at least I don't think I am…🤔.. lol.. I'm kidding I actually carried in my womb and not prostate a baby… I can't speak for sister uncle Meggers tho…

  3. I don't believe this. She dated Moneybagg if that was the case he definitely would have said something because he wasn't that nice right after they broke up. That's doing too much. She's a woman!!!

  4. It’s true u can see her dick on another person video who got reported and deleted about Meg being a trans-Man.. I knew from looking at her body long hands etc u can see it. Why u think that make up so thick

  5. Y’all really will believe anything there’s pics of her as a baby get out of here stop believing the internet and that pic is her of her was in jail her boyfriend did that to her stop using her for clout

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