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Discovered on: 2021-11-18 00:55:33

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker received criticism after a public display of affection at a friend’s wedding, days after Kendall Jenner sparked a backlash by attending a wedding in a cut-out dress.

Over the weekend, the newly engaged couple attended their friend Simon Huck’s wedding, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted numerous photos of her and Barker from that night.

“On the way to the chapel @simonhuck @piptherip,” Kardashian captioned the photos, in which she wears a long black dress with a long-sleeved detail.

In her Instagram stories, the Poosh founder also shared other moments of the nuptials, and reposted a video showing her sitting on Barker’s lap during the wedding reception.

In the video, posted by Derek Blasberg, and captioned “Oh yeah, happy birthday @travisbarker,” Kardashian can be seen sitting face to face on her fiancé’s lap, dancing as the wedding guests watch them. .

During the public display of her affection, which took place while playing ‘All the Small Things’ by Barker’s band Blink-182, Kardashian was also filmed as she leaned in to kiss the drummer.

Videos of the interaction have since circulated on social media, where fans questioned whether the couple’s behavior was appropriate for a wedding.

“Why is this so uncomfortable to see? In a room full of people (including his mother) at a wedding. All for love, but keep the dinner closed, Kourtney and Travis, ”tweeted one person.

Another person said, “Was Kourtney Kardashian riding Travis Barker to the beat of ‘All The Small Things’ in the middle of a wedding reception or do I see things? Ha ha ha”.

Someone else added, “Sorry, but ma’am, save that shit for when you go home.”

Others suggested that the couple’s “embarrassing” display of affection was worse than Kardashian’s sister Jenner’s recent misstep: The supermodel wore a cropped black dress to a friend’s wedding.

“They talk about Kendall Jenner because she wore an inappropriate dress to a wedding, but imagine someone doing this at your wedding. Kourtney and Travis, I love you, but please, ”someone else wrote.

While many fans criticized the behavior of the wedding guests, others defended the couple, with one person writing, “I love how shamelessly affection is publicly shown,” while another opined: “I love how safe [y] free that she has become with Travis, she does what she wants, not caring about what others think now. I want what they have. REALLY”.

The couple, who got engaged last month after ten months of dating, are known for their public displays of affection, and are often photographed while hugging.

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