42 thoughts on “TRAVIS SCOTT ASTROWORLD :Demonic Spirit Caught on Camera :TMZ

  1. "Woe to you, oh earth and sea
    For the Devil sends the beast with wrath
    Because he knows the time is short
    Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
    For it is a human number
    Its number is six hundred and sixty-six" Iron Maiden🤘🏼

  2. It’s just a guy wearing a sparkly skimask. Something flashed and the reflection on the back of his head combined with the glint of the sparkles on the mask made it look like a face.

  3. Good catch , I just dont think the demon would be wearing a covid mask ! That's what I see. It is very strange that shes looking STRAIT into the camera with all the commotion that's going on around … ya good catch ….I've been looking for this exact same thing . Paranormal, shadow figures or faces appearing in places they shouldn't be… 👍🏼

  4. There were lots of demons but the were inside the people that were high in drugs and high in music if the demons was to reveal themselves people would of not realized it was demons since everyone had demons in them already

  5. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. 26 Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. 27 Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.

  6. It’s fake. I saw the true tmz video and you can see the black woman with her black mask on looking at the camera 📸 and then walking away. It doesn’t look like a demon at all. Turn the quality to 1080 p and you’ll see

  7. That's a black man with dreads and a mask on looking at the camera, come on now.
    I watch a lot of paranormal stuff and this isn't anything. If anything, the smoke above the stage looked like a face/skull.
    The event was evil but this is kinda reachin

  8. End times folks. Turn to Yahushua Yah Jesus the Christ before its to late. He is the Messiah, God the Word, and our Savior. He is returning soon after much tribulation and sorrows. This generation is the last. The vaccines, the mandates, the Hollywood Occult, the evil elites, the NWO, the global reset, and the WHO are forming the antichrist system. Heed the warnings.

  9. It's crazy cuz there's another video on YouTube where a guy catches a black figure jumping into the crowd and he says it's a demon I think so too also seen another video where they said there was three demons they were present in the concert

  10. Oh my that is definitely bothersome. The eyes turned red when moved to further right u only see black hair and when coming back to the left you see it looking right at this person camera with red eyes

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