@Travis Scott sings in autotune while watching fans lifeless body being carried out. Travis Scott Concert Tragedy! I hate that this happened to Travis Scott and his fans but this video is a BAD LOOK. I have a feeling his lack of response to stop thr performance at Astroworld Festival 2021 or to calm down the crowd will be brought up in a civil suit. #travisscott #astroworld #astroworldfestival

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  1. Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage
    No angel born in Hell
    Could break that Satan spell
    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite
    I saw Satan laughing with delight
    The day the music died

  2. Travis is a piece of shit he’s stopped a concert cause someone grabbed his shoe but not this? He also told people to beat the kid up who took his shoe and when they took the kid away I think he fucking spat on him fuck Travis Scott

  3. yall took this way out of context, you might not know but the fan he's singing to was the same fan he pointed out to be carried out by the paramedics, the reason he was singing like that was because if he didn't, the crowd would have went in an even bigger panic than it already was and if he sang louder, then everyone would have been jumping around causing more chaos/panic, yall just saw this part then took it out of context then the weird ass "woke" mf's talking about dEmOnS and shit

  4. I swear I’m not trying to defend him or anything but I think he stopped the show in that clip and he was saying yeah for the ambulance to pick up the body but the mic made him sound like he was singing or performing while they were picking the body that’s why people are hating on him, and if you notice the fans in that video didn’t tell him to stop or anything

  5. Will Travis Scott couldn't do anything he's paying for the funerals and he's giving the refunds so he had to keep going on for the show or people want to start leaving he has to make money to people so stop blaming everything on him

  6. And obviously Travis is definitely a piece of shit. But I thought everyone already knew that. He will have fun paying for all the lawsuits. I hope every single person at that concert sues his ass for every penny he has. Which will happen. And because of his past experiences at past concerts, he’s gonna get nailed.

  7. I believe hes into some santanic stuff he mentioned in a interview that he is “turned up and blood and bodies” and he exposed himself and noticed how 8 people died there were 8 flames id say he was making a sacrifice

  8. if you actually stop and pay attention, it’s just a guy using auto tune and people are actually paying with money or their life to go see the guy using auto tune

  9. The absolute state of the ZOOMER generation. Nice music…🤮
    GenX and Millenials have egotistical, psycho Boomers above them and absolutely braindead Zoomers below.

  10. Im not saying that hes not responsible i also think he should have stopped preforming even if it was just till everyone was okay but stopping a concert that people payed 400 for could start a riot too. Its all happened before at concerts look it up. Again i think he shoulda stopped anyway

  11. idk all I can hear is “dead deaaad dead deadddd” in a really low frequency and I swear he looks like he’s in some sort of scary not normal at all trance. Looking right in the direction of people dying and suffocating and struggling. If he noticed ONE person passing out, how tf did he not see the hundreds of waves of people screaming on the top of their lungs “help” and “stop the show” desperately crying for help and “I can’t breathe” “people are dying!” HELPP!!!!!!!! The whole thing is extremely disturbing. And to the people defending these selfish artists, keep that same energy when someone you love goes somewhere to have fun and never comes back home, they’re dead. Can you imagine?? These celebrities are getting weirder and scarier by the mf day. That’s just my opinion… Rest In Peace to those who suffered a horrendous death and to the families mourning the death of their loved ones. This was unacceptable and has hit me and disturbed me to the core.

  12. Imagine surviving the worst pandemic in modern history, mentally overcoming being isolated after months of lockdown, then celebrating after enduring all that by deciding to fly to Houston to be part of Astroworld only to get trampled to death there with this “singing” as the last thing you hear before your soul leaves your body and have your lifeless body be crowdsurfed around like you’re a blowup doll.

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