Source: Tyga feels Stormy is his daughter, friends say he secretly watches her for hours wishing he could be

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28 thoughts on “Tyga feels Stormy is his daughter, friends say he secretly watches her for hours wishing he could be

  1. Kylie’s mother Kris show should be canceled as well she allowed her 14 year old daughter to be with Tyga? Kylie mother Kris also bought 14 year old Kim birth control, to be broken in by TJ Jackson before her 15th birthday. They all are sick.

  2. Didn't he also get exposed by a transgender person 🤔 y'all gotta watch out for these dysfunctional opportunist dudes!!!! I'm sure his broke self-hating a** would have love to put a baby up in that 17yr old yt girl cuz her money 💰 is way more LONG than his!!! But then again good for all these WW keep taking out the trash 🗑 off of BW hands these self-hating men are y'all headache to deal with!!!

  3. Kylie was always hot in the axx her father always stayed on her about keeping boys out of her room and she was just a child and she was 14 not 16 fxxking on Tyga with mother's approval so much for R Kelly….smdh

  4. No disrespect, is it me, but why Gossip Girl talk like a drunken, ratchet woman? Consider doing your commentary in proper English and not so ratchet🙄. Not all of your viewers talk like that, seriously.

  5. 16 years is the legal age of consent in nc. You just have to talk to your child and hope they make the best decisions. I don’t know why a 24 year old would trust their life in a 16 year olds hands. All they have to say is they didn’t give consent and that’s the 24 year olds entire life.

  6. I don't think stormy favors any of them but the security guard so who knows but she certainly doesn't look like travis Scott, word on the curb is she's afraid to get a test.

  7. Black men have been traumatized and also put in jail enough. ALL MEN go for underaged girls all over the world so shut up about it! It’s not molestation if the young girl agrees and if her PARENTS are okay with IT!! We gotta stop putting our traumas on other ppl. If you were or know someone was molested as a minor, just say that and that you don’t agree with it, but to say he molested her is politically incorrect and it can tamper with his image. Y’all annoying AS FUCK.

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