24 thoughts on “UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon react Ex-Packer to TMZ Sports: Team could move to Jordan Love at Week 4

  1. I think rogers will play poorly again , he does not want to be there , they were right he has zero hunger- shannon a c….for brady I give you a c for your football intellect… but I give you an A on your jacket shannon.

  2. People really wanna make excuses for Aaron Rodgers πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ he has teammates that don't really like him! πŸ’© I don't really like him. Dude says and acts stuck up!

  3. Does skip not realize that Tampa kicked Green Bay’s ass in week 1 last year , and yet what did Aaron go on to do , win mvp and his team collapsed around him, it’s only week 2 now skip come on

  4. Is the nerve the unmitigated goal to talk about the Rodgers division as if……tom playing against the DoLphins bills & jets for 15 plus years didn't almost guarantee he makes the playoffs…….. terrible

  5. I like Aaron Rodgers but I get sick of hearing about him like he is Tom Brady or pat mahomes or even talked about on lebrons level like he has one 1 superbowl but he is in the media alot why? He plays great okay kool but he doesn't win in the playoffs and hasn't won a superbowl in a decade I believe so can we stop talking about him like who cares about the packers or Rodgers I'd rather her about the cowgirls at this point

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