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Ursula Corberó has become the Spanish actress of the moment, thanks to her performance as Tokyo in ‘The Money Heist‘, a worldwide success of Netflix that last week premiered its last season. The Catalan, in addition, is the villain ‘The Baroness’ (‘ The Baroness’) in the film ‘Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins‘(2021).

Turned into an international star, Corberó has visited this week ‘The Tonight Show‘, the popular’ late night ‘of NBC presented by the renowned Jimmy Fallon. In addition, she was the guest of the night with Nicole Kidman. “Can you believe that my first show here [en Estados Unidos] is it with Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman? Somewhat relaxed“The actress joked about it.

The actress was aware of the fame she had achieved during a New Year’s Eve in Uruguay

One of the topics that the guest and the presenter spoke about was precisely the fame that she has achieved worldwide. Fallon asked the interpreter when she was aware that something had changed and, as she explained, it happened during a party of New Years Eve in Uruguay which he attended with His couple Chino Darín and his family.

Úrsula Corberó on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon.


“There were a lot of people at that party and, until now, they hadn’t recognized me. Then, several people began to approach me to say ‘Tokyo, Tokyo, you are a goddess’“Corberó recalled in the US space. It was then that he began to assimilate the real impact that the series had had.

He had a million followers on Instagram and the next day two. I thought the app was not working”Added the interpreter, who in 2018 became the Spanish woman with the most followers on Instagram (currently she is second behind Ester Exposito).

Úrsula Corberó and Madonna met on a plane and the meeting was surreal

Who were you most surprised to find out that they were a huge fan of you?”, The presenter asked next. And Corberó began to relate the surreal encounter what had with Madonna on a plane in which it was clear to him that the queen of pop was also a great fan of the series. An anecdote with which he won over the public of the program.

Everything happened, as he explained, on a flight from Los Angeles to Madrid and, specifically, when they made a stopover in London. The actress met the singer, with whom she made eye contact. What the Catalan did not expect was that the artist I went straight to her to greet her.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I am a super fan of you. I’m a big fan of ‘La Casa de Papel’ and Tokio is my favorite character“Madonna told the actress who brings Tokyo to life. Corberó, who could not believe what he had just heard, was unable to answer: “I tried to say something but I couldn’t”.

Úrsula Corberó on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon.


When he did not respond, the singer asked him what was wrong and if he knew who he was. “Sure I know who you are, you’re the fucking Madonna”Replied the actress, who managed to regain her composure. “It was embarrassing”, Remembered in the space of the NBC.

But there is still more. After talking for a long time, Madonna finished giving him his mobile and asking him to write down his phone number. Corberó did it and what he would never have imagined is that, shortly after, he received a message from the singer in which he informed her that he had left his passport on his seat. “I was able to come home thanks to Madonna”, Declared the actress, who received a great applause from the public.

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