Translated From: Vernica Forqu, found dead in her home in Madrid

Discovered on: 2021-12-13 18:02:04

The actress Vernica Forqu has been found dead in its home from Vctor de la Serna street in Madrid. Summa 112 emergency services received a warning but when they got home they couldn’t do anything to save his life.

The actress, who had just completed 66 years On December 1, he was participating until a few weeks ago in the RTVE culinary contest ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’.

Suicide, possible cause of the death of Vernica Forqu

The National Police was the one who found the corpse of Vernica Forqu age 66 and a source from the investigation has confirmed to EFE that the interpreter has been taken life.

A person called 112 at 12:49 hours to notify of a suicide attempt in a house located in the number 7 of Vctor de la Serna street, the home of Vernica Forqu.

To the domicile, toilets from Summa 112 were moved, which they could only confirm the death of the actress.

The first investigations suggest that Vernica Forqu took her own life by hanging herself inside your home, in the Chamartn district.

The corpse of the actress an is at home waiting to receive judicial authorization to lift your body.

The specialists note that suicide deaths never have their only trigger, but are the result of psychological, biological and social factors that have treatment.

People with suicidal behavior and those close to them They can receive help 24 hours a day by calling 112 or by contacting the Telephone of Hope (717 00 37 17).

Vernica Forqu and the depressions

Vernica Forqu never hid that she suffered from depression, which even prompted its departure from the latest edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity‘. The actress herself affirmed in the presentation of the new collection of the designer Eduardo Navarrate that she left the contest “Because of life circumstances.. My body said enough. “

Vernica Forqu I was born on December 1, 1955 in Madrid. It was daughter of director and producer Jos Mara Forqu and of the writer Carmen Vzquez-Vigo. His brother was the director lvaro Forqu, died in 2014.

They take the body of Vernica Forqu from her house in Madrid

After learning of his death, a funeral service car has appeared in the street where the actress Vernica Forqu’s house is located to be able to move the body. On the sidewalk were crowds of media and people who have stopped to see what happens.

Mara Forqu goes to the home of her mother, Vernica Forqu

Mara Forqu destroyed living room of her mother’s house after learning of her death, she was accompanied by her partner Paco Polo. The last time we saw Mara with her mother was in the last edition of MasterChef 8, who was very proud of her mother’s passage through the famous cooking show.

Vernica Forqu won four Goya awards

The actress He had a long career both in theater and on television, but it was undoubtedly the cinema that gave him the most recognition.

Vernica Forqu won during his career four Goya awards, two as a leading actress and another two as a supporting actress.

As a leading actress, she conquered the coveted statuette for ‘The joyful life‘(1986) and’Kika (1994). As a supporting actress, she achieved the Goya award for ‘The year of lights’ (1986) and ‘Moors and Christians’ (1987).

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