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The untold details of the Fernándezes were revealed by Olga Wornat, who recently published her new book on the singer (Photo: Instagram / @ _ vicentefdez)

The journalist and writer Olga Wornat published her new book El Último Rey, in which she uncovers the alleged details of the lives of Vicente Fernández’s children and the links they would have with drug trafficking leaders.

In the book The Last King: The Unauthorized Biography of Vicente Fernández, Argentina recounts the life of the Charro de Huentitán and his entire dynasty, but from a different perspective than his official biography. The journalist narrated in an interview with Julio Astillero that she begins her work with the kidnapping of Vicente Fernández Jr., a passage in the life of the Fernándezes that few know and that he himself publicly avoided.

While Olga was trying to reconstruct this story and many others that have not been exposed in the way she managed to do it, she would have found some intriguing details Gerardo Fernández, Chente’s middle son, who would have had a very strong influence on the family .

Gerardo is the son who will cause the most controversy with the publication of Olga’s book (Photo: Instagram / @ alexoficial)

According to Wornat, Gerardo is a character who has kept a low profile compared to the rest of his brothers and nephews, however, he is the one who will stay with Vicente’s legacy because of the way he has handled himself within the dynasty.

“I discover one of Vicente Fernández’s sons and that is where the whole knot of history is untied, which is going to surprise a lot. Gerardo is the middle son, who is ambitious, who is unscrupulous, has shady relationships, who was able to rob his father, he was able to rob his brother because he handled the money from the palenques, in addition to robbing Juan Gabriel, he was lying to his father and he is the one who is going to take over the entire empire that Vicente Fernández leaves behind, ”commented the journalist.

Gerardo Fernández is the name that causes the most controversy, not only because of these points mentioned by Olga, but because she pointed him out as a friend of Ignacio Nacho Coronel, a late drug trafficker who was one of the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The journalist spoke in her book about the entire dynasty, as well as her friendships and what ties they have in the spheres of power (Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)

Wornat confessed that he was unable to obtain either of the two as a witness on the friendly relationship they had, but he does have several sources that confirmed this and other “murky relationships.”

“I was going to eat at the Los Tres Potrillos restaurant. I describe the situation and it is recounted by witnesses. Who did he sell the horses to, because Nacho Coronel collected horses (…) and he still continues in that line of sibling relationships, ”said the Argentine.

The journalist also assured that, according to her sources, when Vicente Jr. was “disappeared” for several months between April and June because of Gerardo, who interned him against his will in a rehabilitation clinic, despite the fact that the singer did not I would be addicted to any kind of substance.

This would have been done because Vicente Fernández at that time was dividing part of his inheritance among his descendants.

The singer was missing for several months this year, it was rumored that he had been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic (Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdzjr9)

Olga Wornat assured that she wrote the book with all her respect and without denigrating the Fernándezes, since she understands that they are not a group of politicians, but rather a family that became one of the most acclaimed celebrity groups by the public.

He also pointed out that his work talks about both the good times of the Charro de Huentitán, as well as the bad ones, since his purpose is to delve into his life and uncover those little-known details of the dynasty, even those that the same family has tried to cover. over the years.


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