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The life of the Mexican actress, Leticia Calderon, It has been a lesson in the world of entertainment because he has faced multiple challenges, and in turn has managed to reap a lot of love in his life, such as the one he professes with his son Luciano, with whom he was invited as guests to the program “Sale the Sun ”, where they carried out a moving dynamic of questions and answers between mother and son.

After the actress expressed the pride she feels for her firstborn on more than one occasion, the young man confessed, among other things, his desire to complete various university studies.

“I want to be a marine biologist, it is my greatest dream, also to be a doctor, astronaut, notary, lawyer”Luciano commented with a big smile.

During this same dynamic, the also charismatic son of the lawyer Juan Collado expressed his desire to go live alone, for which the actress commented: “I think tomorrow is worth giving you the opportunity to see if you can live alone, and if not, you return, the house is always yours, but I hope you achieve that independence that parents seek so much, so that they are happy and you can do what you want in life “the proud mother commented.

Despite all the goals that the young man with Down syndrome said he had, He caused great surprise to his mother and to all the viewers when he pointed out that his biggest dream is to go out with the Venezuelan actress and model Marjorie de Sousa or at least meet her on her birthday.

“My biggest dream is to meet the love of my life, Marjorie (de Sousa), that’s my biggest dream in life, I want that for my birthday”, explained.

For its part, Lety Calderón confessed that she will do everything on her side and called on Julián Gil’s ex so that her son can fulfill his dream of seeing her in person.

Finally, In addition to Calderón, the program hosts sent a message to De Sousa so that Luciano can fulfill this wish.

Lety Calderón shares an intimate moment with her son

Despite the controversies and scandals in which she has been involved recently, the actress has once again used her social networks to share some of the intimate moments of her day to day, which make her proud, not only within her career professional, but also in his personal life.

It was through her Instagram account, where Lety Calderón has more than 288 thousand followers, that the actress shared one of her greatest achievements and this has to do with her son Luciano, who has just graduated from school, a moment that moved his fans.

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