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Discovered on: 2021-12-04 08:34:31

The singer Christian Nodal was branded as “ordinary” and “not very chivalrous”, as the treatment he gave to his fiancee was not well regarded.

Christian Nodal and Belinda return to the eye of the hurricane, after circulating a video on social networks where the singer makes a tremendous rudeness to his fiancée.

According to the viral short, the couple share a dinner with a group of friends, who began to sing “Las mañanitas” to the Sonoran, since next January 11 will be his birthday.

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At first everything is very funny, but Belinda began to make noise by hitting on the plate and a glass, which made the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” wave, who did not hide how annoyed he was and put a stop to his beloved . The problem was how he did it.

Nodal preferred to push the hand of the beautiful blonde and make a face of total displeasure, a reaction that was not to the total liking of netizens, especially those who follow the artist of Spanish origin.

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Various entertainment programs took up the video to publish it on their social networks and the followers of both stars could not believe what they were seeing. However, there are those who assured that the perfect couple does not exist and they are only appearances.

“What a little gentleman! What a gesture! If you don’t like it because you are with Belinda, too pretty for someone so ordinary ”,“ How bitter! ”,“ You can see that he is very dominant with her ”,“ Furious ”, hand took away Belinda. And the face of few friends made him.🙈😵 “,” They do not always have to be spilling honey, seriously, fairy tales do not exist and he did not push it as they exaggerate “, were some of the comments.

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