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Viviana Saccone surprised Instagram users after posting a topless photo. The postcard was accompanied by a heartfelt reflection about the importance of being at peace with oneself. “I am a woman who loves herself“, he claimed.

The actress, who will turn 54 on January 28, has almost 190,000 followers on the social network and there she usually shares every moment of her life. Currently, he is doing a season in Villa Carlos Paz with the play Sex, I lived your experience, Jose Maria Muscari, in which he acts together with Diego ramos, Abel Guerrero, Noelia Marzol, among others.

Viviana Saccone surprised her followers with topless photos

Between function and function, Saccone uses his Instagram account to show the intimacy of the dressing room, his trips to the river to cool off in the middle of the Cordovan summer and his time sunbathing, always accompanied by a good book. That is what can be seen in his last post, where was shown without the bikini top and shared a deep reflection about his attitude towards life.

“Oh yeah. I am what someone called ‘A colorful woman. The perfect alchemy’. I am a woman who, rather than lose my colors, I turn around and leave. I am a woman who enjoys being with herself. I am a woman who loves herself”, wrote the actress.

Viviana Saccone sunbathing in Villa Carlos Paz

The post garnered more than 10,000 likes and dozens of responses from his followers and also from colleagues such as Narazarena Velez, who assured: “You’re a beautiful woman”; or Lula Rosenthal, who wrote to him: “Queen”.

It is not the first time that Saccone surprises his fans with photos of this style. For a recent interview with the magazine HELLO! Argentina, the actress starred in a photo session in a swimsuit from the pool and was encouraged to talk about everything.

Viviana Saccone and a play production of photos for the magazine HELLO! ArgentinaPilar Bustelo

I live my sexuality in the most authentic way possible, and I seek to enjoy it without prejudice, respecting myself and the other. I try not to be where I don’t feel comfortable. It is something that I have been applying in all aspects of life”, assured the actress, mother of serene (16) and from rejoice (18), fruit of his relationship with the theater and film director Frederick Palace.

I love breaking down prejudicesI take it as a personal growth. It is an issue that I keep in mind and I do it consciously when giving opinions, observing. So if I find myself prejudging something, I try not to. And on the other hand, It’s been years since I stopped looking at someone else’s gaze, because I am clear that it is nothing more than a subjectivity and it is not the truth of anything. I seek to be authentic with myself and with my feelings,” said the actress.

Viviana Saccone and Tito Díaz merge in a passionate kissPrensa LaFlia

Consulted for his time at The ShowMatch Academy (eltrece), where she was romantically linked with her dancer, Tito Díaz, Saccone remarked: “We have the best vibes from camaraderie and people put together a novel, but nothing ever happened”.

Then, he recalled his fleeting experience on a popular dating app: “I had a brief, or rather very brief, time on Tinder once Diego Ramos downloaded it for me in a rehearsal at La Academia. He chose me a couple of guys that he thought were cute and there it was… I never used it and I already deleted it because the divine button took place on my cell phone. It doesn’t amuse me to meet people by seeing a photo with a good loin… It doesn’t make me want to. There has to be something beforehand that awakens the desire to know”, he indicated.

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