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The marriage of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara is back on the tightrope. If last year it was information about the supposed romance of the Paris Saint-Germain footballer with China Suárez that put the relationship in check, now the one who stars in the rumors is a Wanda who, according to the journalist Diego Estévez, would have had a affair with one of his bodyguards. This was confirmed in the program ‘A la tarde’, even naming the protagonist and giving some details.

“They became very friends,” he revealed, referring to Wanda Nara and Agustín Longueira. “A relationship of trust and friendship. She lent him her shoulder and at some point they got confused and there was a talk. Everything happened on an emotional level, ”she expressed. The events would have taken place, always according to her information, during the trip that Wanda made to Argentina last December. She “she invited him to a private party at Presidente Bar, which is where Zaira organized her surprise birthday party. There was the grenadier on guard. When the party ended, a group went to follow the meeting in Wanda’s apartment. In that group would be Agustín, 32 years old and who supposedly met Nara in a bathrobe at one point.


Estévez went on to explain that the information provided to him assures him that Longueira would have been made to enter a room without his cell phone in which “Wanda was in a bathrobe with her hair wet, as if she had just come out of the shower.” In that meeting, the young man would have fallen asleep and nothing would have happened between the two, but it would have happened in a second meeting in an elevator. “They had to put a brake on the momentum that they both felt.”

Wanda would keep in touch with him

The same journalist defends that Agustín Longueira “already has a ticket to go to France and they arranged to see each other”, although he assures that it will only be “like friends”. However, Mauro Icardi would know some details of this whole story and his almost immediate reaction was to fire the bodyguard: “We are in a position to confirm that Mauro fired Wanda’s bodyguard when he found out that he slept too close to her. And this is a bomb”, assured in this case Rodrigo Lussic in the program ‘Partners of the show’.

As if that were not enough, Longueria’s reaction has only fueled the rumours, because during the broadcast of ‘In the afternoon’ he showed on Instagram that he was watching the program and just a few minutes later he published a photograph with two women while He showed a cap that Wanda would have given him. Meanwhile, oblivious to everything, Wanda Nara enjoyed a night out with Mauro Icardi and several friends before sharing several images accompanied by her husband.

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