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What was talked about on Wapa Televisión on the channel remains. That was the request for the production of “Pégate al Mediodía” made to the presenter Angelique Burgos “Burbu” and the comedian Alfonso Alemán, known for his character “El Guitarreño”, after starring yesterday in a live incident that should have been discussed off-camera.

The “Burbu” confirmed this morning on the radio program “El Despelote” of Nueva 94 (94.7 FM) that the production of the space produced by Gilda Santini, asked him not to comment on the matter, after both animators had a ” Good conversation”.

“When it was all over, I had a conversation with the respective people including Alemán. They told us that we could not talk about it and we reached an agreement. There everything that was spoken was hermetically sealed and we are calm. I have to follow orders and I can’t talk about it, “Burgos told his radio companions José Gallart” Rocky The Kid “and Iván Colón,” El Giga “on the morning show” El Despelote “on Nueva 94 this morning. .

La Burbu clarified, to questions from “Rocky The Kid”, that the incident that occurred at the time the Guitarreño segment was about to begin, which stands out for holding a debate between local political figures, was not mounted by the production and was not aimed at seeking an audience in the middle of the premiere of “Las Noticias” at noon on TeleOnce.

The presenter stressed that her speech today on the program will not be affected, nor will that of her friend and colleague “El Guitarreño”.

Regarding his relationship with Alemán, he emphasized that they are good friends and reiterated: “I love Alfonso very much.”

“Alfonso and I have a long-standing relationship with ups and downs. I do not know if you remember what happened once in the same Pégate that broke a cell phone and the spirits were heated on both sides. Yesterday at least it didn’t go any further. Reactions and control of emotion management was better. Sometimes we shoot off the drumstick. I know we all have days. I do not have to elaborate more on the matter, “said the Bubble.

The incident occurred just when the cheerleader stood next to Senator William Villafañe and said to Alemán: “Sorry to interrupt you. There were people who were asking for the ATH Móvil number of the Children’s Hospital, ”said Burgos, while reading the phone number written on the palm of his hand. When he finished, he said goodbye but not before pointing to a hat for the cold that he had on his head and mentioning the name of the brand.

This caused that while Burgos moved away from the cameras with a smile, Alemán reacted by stating “I’m going to ask you for a favor … I don’t know if it’s wrong … we’re live … it’s cool about the ATH Móvil del Children’s Hospital “, mentioned the actor as he approached Burgos.

“I’m going to ask you a favor. If you are going to make a pattern of your things, within my segment, a promo of yours … do not do that again, because that is anti-professional and I would like to talk to Gilda about this “, expressed Alemán, while the Bubble looked at him with face of wonder.

To which the presenter reacted by mentioning that “this program here is the most informal there is, we always do these things.” Alemán responded by indicating that the program was informal, but that he did not like that she was inserting commercial guidelines in her segment. “I don’t do that when you’re on your thing. And then you are talking to me about some hats and things ”, mentioned an annoying German.

Upon hearing this, Burgos commented on how cute the Guitarreño’s hat was, as he removed the straw hat from his head. “We are going to refresh the image of Guitarreño this Christmas and for next year. How’s it going? Yes? ”, Stated Burbu as he stared at the comedian.

“To begin with, you don’t take anything away from a character in his clothes,” mentioned an irate German. To which the presenter asked “What’s wrong with you today?”

Then Alemán apologized to the politicians who accompanied him in the segment. For his part, Burgos said “Are you serious?” While looking to his right, where part of the cast of the program’s presenters were off-camera. Simultaneously with that, the singer also began to break part of the front brim of the character’s hat with her hands.

With an annoyed countenance, Alemán asked Burgos not to continue with the action. “I ask you please, don’t do it, because we are going to have problems. And he is breaking the hat, “said the comedian while looking uncomfortable.

“El Guitarreño” asked the technicians to cut the segment and left.

The cheerleader apologized to the politicians. “Thank goodness the unprofessional here is me. (El Guitarreño) just let them roll in the middle of the segment, but take him on a break. You can go, “the presenter abruptly concluded the segment.

After the incident, a brand of straw hats took the opportunity to let the entertainer know that she could have a new hat for “El Guitarreño.” The company made the sponsorship through social networks.

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