Translated From: What Danna Paola said about her alleged COVID-19 infection

Discovered on: 2021-12-05 05:12:40

The famous confessed in an interview that for the moment she will not act again (Photo: Instagram / @ dannapaola)

This Saturday, Danna Paola caused great concern in social networks, since she showed herself from her Instagram a little deteriorated and using supplemental oxygen. Given this situation, it was speculated that the singer could have COVID-19.

It all started when the actress also uploaded some temporary stories in which she is seen dressed in black and with a cap, while raising an arm and breathing with the help of an oxygen mask, although her face is not fully visible.

The truth is that oxygen can also be used for respiratory diseases that are not so delicate, but the concern of his followers was present.

Together with the image he wrote: “Bundle up little friends” and, although some of her followers hoped that the artist had nothing serious, others thought that perhaps Danna had only played a joke on them.

But it was from her Twitter account, where the Calla Tú interpreter decided to share with her fans what really happened and took the opportunity to thank them for being aware of her.

The singer uploaded a photo that generated rumors (Photo: Instagram screenshot / @ dannapaola)

“Babies, thank you for worrying, I am keeping full rest, since I got very sick … the cold that I caught is very heavy, thank God it is not covid,” he said.

He also asked his fans to be careful during this winter season to avoid any type of respiratory illness.

“But please cover yourself well, eat well and raise your defenses with many vitamins, take good care of this heavy thing,” he remarked.

Users were quick to react and were glad that Danna Paola did not have Covid-19, in addition, several sent him good wishes so that he recovers soon.

“It’s good that it’s nothing serious, you had us very worried, I love you very much, pretty”, “Rest and take care of yourself, your health always comes first, the rest is secondary. I love you get well soon love ”, are some of the comments that can be read on Twitter.

It should be remembered that Danna Paola dedicated herself to acting for a long time and even participated in international series such as Netflix’s Elite. However, he recently mentioned that his next plans are a long way from recording sets.

Danna worried her fans on social networks (Photo: Instagram / @ dannapaola)

“I made the best decision of my life to leave acting,” revealed the 26-year-old artist a few days ago in an interview with the EFE agency. It is worth mentioning that her international success began when she played the character of “Lucrecia” in the famous Elite series, although she mentioned that she will not be in the new season because she dedicates herself completely to her music since her last album entitled KO

“Although a sixth season was confirmed, I am focused on my music, this industry deserves time and heart. I am in a very full moment with my songs. I want to act again, but for now, no, ” said Danna Paola.

The artist stressed that music has served her for several things but mainly to calm anxiety, so she turned her therapy to feel much better. “It is my best therapy as well as my family and dancing. From the quarantine, what I learned the most was the balance between work and my personal life, having the time to heal yourself first. You are first, then you and last you, sometimes we forget that, ” he said.

“I was scared to death, it was a very hard time, but I felt even in my bones that I had to put all my effort into music,” said the artist.


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