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“This contest is about embracing and empowering women from all over the world, but I think I would like to inspire women and men alike in society because everything in the world is in pairs,” said Sandhu at his hotel in the city Israeli from Eilat, hours after winning the contest.

With a pink dress, an entourage of makeup artists by her side, without having slept and with the diamond crown shining on her head, the 21-year-old spoke of her feelings after the victory, the responsibility that implies being the new Miss Universe and the message you intend to spread over the next year.

Although she was very grateful and honored for having obtained the first place, she acknowledged being “over-run” and highlighted her desire to return to her home in India and reunite with her family, which, due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus, does not He was able to accompany during the more than two weeks that he spent in Israel, where the contest took place.

“I am excited to start my journey with the Miss Universe organization and, above all, to be able to start speaking out in support of the empowerment of women and menstrual hygiene,” she said, referring to the role model that her mother, a gynecologist, represents. for her.

Another of the messages that Sandhu will seek to transmit is that of respect for the restrictions and social distancing measures to face the coronavirus pandemic, something he referred to last night, when he defended the mandatory nature of vaccination and that he reiterated today when celebrating the strong restrictions imposed by the Israeli Government and urge “to take the necessary measures, as it is the only way to process the new normal.”

The 1.76-meter-tall acting young Indian is considered a source of inspiration for today’s youth, citing not only her achievement in Israel as a result of her hard work, but also how she overcame it. bullying that he suffered in adolescence due to his low weight.

“At the end of the day, the only perception that really matters is your own, and we should accept that because we all have a purpose, we are unique and that is what makes us beautiful,” he said.

Consulted by the example that contests like this one and the body figure of the participants represents for the rest of the women of the world, Sandhu reiterated that the important thing is not what is seen and the perception of others, but her own.

After rejecting the criticisms of feminist movements against the contest, she urged everyone to “love yourself, believe in yourself and show yourself as you are, with your beliefs and opinions.”

“That is enough to understand that each one deserves to be the leader of his own life,” he added.

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The winner defended that the participants of the contest have to parade in a bathing suit.

“You should ask all those who marched last night and those who marched in previous editions how comfortable and powerful they feel wearing a bathing suit because it is all in the mind, not in what one wears, but in how one thinks about what one wears ”, He declared.

The phrase that Miss India said when crowning herself as the new Miss Universe

The words “Chak De Phatte, India” were among the first 21-year-old Harnaaz Sandhu said after beating South Africa’s Lalela Mswane and Paraguay’s Nadia Ferreira to win the Miss Universe title on Sunday, December 12.

“Chak De Phatte” in the Punjabi language are words of enthusiasm that mean “keep it up.”

Miss Universe’s official Instagram page shared a video of Sandhu speaking to the camera after her win.

Commenting on the video, Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella wrote: “Congratulations @ harnaazsandhu_03 !!!!!! You are a beautiful queen inside and out! You will be an excellent @missuniverse !!! I can’t wait to continue your reign !!! !! ”.

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