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Discovered on: 2021-11-15 23:33:06

On November 11, it was announced that Carmen Salinas was taken to a hospital in Mexico City. Her nephew, Gustavo Briones, reported in a statement that the actress was admitted to intensive care on Thursday for a stroke.

From the beginning it was explained that her health was serious and that she remained intubated. As the days passed, his relatives shared a little more information and assured, although he was not brain dead, the stroke is inoperable, because it is located in the brain stem.

Carmen Salinas is still serious and they report that she has “mild brain activity”

Now, new information has come to light and it details that the protagonist of ‘My fortune is loving you’ did not suffer a stroke, but a brain hemorrhage.

Who made this known was the reporter Sebastián Reséndiz, in a link with the hosts of the Hoy program. The journalist explained:

“Last night I was able to talk with Carmelita’s granddaughter and she gave me information that we did not have until now. Carmen Salinas did not have a stroke as we understood, what she suffered was a brain hemorrhage which is what complicates the situation a little more. This scenario is due to the fact that the stroke is clinically a little more controllable than the hemorrhage. The example her granddaughter gave me was that, for example, when you drop the phone into the water, you pick it up and even if you manage to turn it on, it will no longer function”.

In addition to this, he explained that the actress has registered some movements in her feet and hands, but that does not mean that she is waking up from a coma, rather it is about involuntary reflections of the body.

“He moved his little feet”: Carmen Salinas’s daughter provides the actress’s latest medical report

The journalist also assured:

“Doctors have not done any method to wake her from coma because of the area in which it was. This hemorrhage occurred in the stem (of the brain) which is where the function of awakening and gaining consciousness is regulated.”

“Still in a natural coma”: Carmen Salinas ‘granddaughter talks about the actress’ state of health

According to information from the University of Illinois Hospital, a stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, which in turn causes neurons to begin to die and cause short- and long-term damage.

There are two types of effusions: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic is when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain. As for the hemorrhagic type, it occurs when a blood vessel breaks and that causes a hemorrhage in the brain. As a consequence, there is increased pressure within the skull, inflammation in cellular tissue, and damage to neurons.

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