Source: What happened to JJ Da Boss? 'Street Outlaws' star and wife, Tricia, injured in car crash

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▶ ‘Street Outlaws’ Star JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia got in a car wreck while filming the show … TMZ has learned.
▶ The reality show is all about street racing … and of course, who can rank fastest. Well, unfortunately, we’re told JJ Da Boss and his wife were driving in separate cars while filming “Street Outlaws: America’s List” and things went sideways.

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22 thoughts on “What happened to JJ Da Boss? 'Street Outlaws' star and wife, Tricia, injured in car crash

  1. My prayers and thoughts are with yall! Now quit whining and put em back together ,then get ur asses in that car and get it yall!!! I'm Mr.Foots from summit, ms. I know kye Kelly beat his ass lol!

  2. Dam 1 of the saddest day hearing that you and your wife were hurt drag racing was so sad and scary at the same time 😢 😞 dam that sucks hopefully you will have a speedy recovery and if I could help you out with working for you let me know asap 🙏 God bless you and your family and friends and fans 🙏❤ 💙 🙏 praying for you 2 sorry 😞 🙏 ❤ 💙 ♥ 💜 😞 this happened 🙏 man this sucks 🙏 so sad 😞

  3. Glad they lived with out to much damage.. but we all have to admit, these car's are NOT street cars. To much power for the street. How far can they push their luck before something God forbid happens?

  4. Where are these questionable computer voice clips coming from? I cant stand listening to some computer voice mispronounce names and words. This info has all been release and he'll even jj did a update on them. Screw computer voice.

  5. Was this a track accident, or a accident while driving to the track? Sorry to hear about this, JJ always said track racing can be dangerous to your heath, and life, hope you guys are going to be ok, speedy recovery to Trish and JJ

  6. Once again you're speculating you do not know what you're talking about jjdaboss left the hospital yesterday evening he was at the track with the rest of the drivers burning hands and swollen eyes from where you got burned his wife Trish has surgery last night had proof and both sides of her hips she is doing well she had conversations with the people there at the track from MSO she will have a long recovery time JJ is at the track trying to get his car built back so he can race again so no deal Amar severely guard the money through that I wasn't doing well get your information straight for you start spouting off and tell you don't know what you're talkin about the information came from one MSL families and why do you keep showing j.j. with precious Cooper who is our friend not his wife

  7. I hate to hear this happened. JJ always says this time may be your last. Saw a video where they will survive, Tricia had hips broken and JJ got burns on his face and hands.

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