Translated From: what happened to the actor and why did he lose a leg?

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A silent heart attack caused clots in his heart and legs

By: Elizabeth Gonzalez

SEA. 24. 2022Mezcaliente

Juan Pablo Medina: what happened to the actor and why did he lose a leg?

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In early August 2021 it emerged that Juan Pablo Medina had been hospitalized in an emergency for an alleged thrombosis in the aorta that had impacted his intestines and had spread to his legs, but what really happened to the actor and why? did he lose a leg?

In an interview with GQ, the actor recounted in detail what happened on July 15, the official date on which he began to experience the first symptoms of a silent heart attack.

“What I remember is that I was on call, recording in a hotel, and suddenly I started to feel sick to my stomach,” he told the publication.

It was then that the 44-year-old interpreter reported that the medical team thought it was intoxication, a diagnosis that changed when they performed a contrast-enhanced tomography (high-tech examination to detect diseases in any region of the body or organ).

“They did a tomography with contrast and they saw that I had clots in the intestine and in the legs. They finally found the definitive diagnosis: she had suffered a silent heart attack. She had a clot in her heart and it sent clots through all the arteries. That was the assessment, ”he detailed.

Juan Pablo Medina, -Chespi, as some of his friends call him-, shared that after this first intervention he had to spend several days in intensive care. However, as there was no improvement, the doctors gave her the news that, in order to save her life, she had to lose her right leg, since it was severely compromised.

“After surgery to remove the clots, my body began to not respond well at all (…) They had promised to rescue me from the clots without putting my life at risk, but I was already in a serious situation. They offered to save my life, but the solution was amputation. And the more time passed, things would get more and more complicated, so the time had come to make a decision. I bet on living, ”she emphasized.

Since then, Juan Pablo Medina chose to get away from the spotlight and focus on his recovery with the support of his family, friends and, of course, that of his girlfriend Paulina Dávila, who until then had been the only one who had talked about the actor recovery.

The worst lie that was told about your health

Finally, and as an express question, the actor from ’40 y 20′ confronted the rumors that arose about his health, uncovering what was the worst lie that was told during his hospitalization.

“It was said that after getting the vaccine (against Covid-19), I felt bad and that is why everything happened. I have tried not to read about it and the intention of those who said it does not take away my sleep, ”she sentenced.

What is a thrombosis?

In an interview with Las Estrellas, Jessica González, who is a general practitioner, explained that a deep vein thrombosis “occurs when a blood clot forms -a thrombus- in a deep vein or a large caliber vein in the body; it can cause significant discomfort such as pain or swelling in the legs, but it can also occur without symptoms”.

In addition, he commented that this can occur in young adults as well as in any person, since age is not a factor to consider but the triggering factors. However, he pointed out that a deep vein thrombosis is more common in adults older than 60 years.

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