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After his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal continues to generate controversy due to his artistic career and some details about his personal life.

The Mexican regional music performer appeared on the cover of the most recent edition of Life and Style magazine and opened his heart to confess the excesses that he had at such a young age due to his immense fame.

Nodal was the cover of this Mexican magazine and appeared in several photographs without the tattoo with the word “Utopia” that he had on his forehead in honor of his ex-fiancée Belinda’s second studio album.

However, this was not the only thing that caught the attention of his followers, since the interpreter of Goodbye Love gave some statements to the publication and revealed unpublished details of his private life.

Christian Nodal spoke about the negative effects that fame left him at such an early age and the daily excesses to which he was exposed.

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“Having fame and money is the most dangerous thing you can give to someone who is not prepared,” confessed the 23-year-old singer.

He also indicated that he constantly had a feeling of adrenaline and this made him lose consciousness on numerous occasions.

“I felt like I was being injected with adrenaline all the time. That stage of my life was like a blackout (loss of consciousness), every day was a party. He dated people he didn’t know and ended up in strange places, “he confessed when talking about his fame at such a young age.

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The Mexican singer also recognized that earning so much money before the age of 20 was a big problem in his life, since he started buying extremely expensive items that he didn’t really need.

“It was like hysterical materialism. I bought a Ferrari, watches, jewelry. There came a time when if I didn’t wear designer clothes I didn’t feel safe with people. I thought that money was living life crazy, to the extreme, fast and without thinking things through, ”he commented.

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To conclude, the interpreter of Bottle after bottle spoke about his current situation and his musical career.

Nodal revealed that he is focused on repositioning himself in the world of music with his new record label and continuing his concerts throughout Latin America as part of his Forajido Tour.

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