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The food diet you follow Kate Middleton arouses a lot of interest among his followers. The slim figure and luminous skin of the Duchess of Cambridge encourage many of her fans to want to follow her healthy eating habits. Kate likes to eat everything but the wife of the Prince Guillermo you can’t always choose the products you eat. Kate Middleton is forbidden to eat some things. Forbidden.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William trying the cookies at a resettlement center. REUTERS/Paul Rogers/Pool

It always arouses great interest to know what you eat, and what you don’t eat, the duchess of cambridge. We know that Kate Middleton really likes to take care of herself both with physical exercise and with a healthy and balanced diet. Although the Duchess of Cambridge has a very varied diet, it has transpired that among the products most chosen by the Duchess for her daily diet, they include, among others, spinach, avocados, salads, fruits, and grilled chicken. Kate loves chicken, both roasted and curried. We also know that the Duchess loves to cook herself and starts her day in the kitchen to make her own antioxidant smoothies for breakfast.

Kate Middleton during a visit to the Quebec Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, Montreal. REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger

And we cannot forget that the Duchess really enjoys homemade desserts and we have seen how much fun she has bake cakes with your children. But, strange as it may seem to us, Kate Middleton cannot choose to eat everything she wants. There are some food products that the Duchess of Cambridge cannot taste. Never. Kate Middleton’s life changed radically the day she said “I do” to Prince William. When Kate became part of the British Royal Family, she had to submit to a series of rules and regulations that govern the conduct of members of the British monarchy. Kate Middleton is a very applied and respectful woman. The wife of Prince William has managed to adapt to her role as the Duchess of Cambridge. But nevertheless, there are some rules that Kate finds it harder to follow. They tell us that the duchess does not take very well the restrictions imposed on her food.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton sample food at an event in Canada. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

turns out Kate Middleton and Prince William are not allowed to eat mussels, nor can they eat oysters. They are rules imposed by Queen Elizabeth II to reduce the risk of possible allergic reactions or poisoning. The thing does not stop there, moreover, in the presence of the Queen of England Kate can’t have pasta or potatoes for dinner. The queen does not consume carbohydrates at night. At the table of Elizabeth II these products are prohibited for dinner. Let’s remember that Kate really likes pizza and that we have seen her bake it herself. But if the dinner is with her husband’s grandmother, Kate must leave the pasta for another day. Not everything is advantages for the royals, no.

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