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After Adamari López and Toni Costa announced their separation in May of this year, after 10 years together, he is now opening a romance with the influencer Evelyn Beltrán, according to information from the program “Chisme No Like”.

Details of Toni Costa’s new relationship

During one of the broadcasts of the program hosted by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, a photograph was presented, in which Costa and his new girlfriend appear holding hands.

So a reconciliation between Adamari and Toni is definitely ruled out, since he is already rebuilding his life.

According to Elisa and Javier, the Spanish dancer has been in a relationship with his new partner for several months.

Who is Evelyn Beltrán?

She is an influencer and model known as “La Bichota”.

He has more than 70 thousand followers on his Instagram account, where he usually shares some aspects of his life, from trips, exercise routines and beauty tips.

He also highlighted that Tony and Evelyn began to have interaction on social networks, commenting and giving each other “I like” in their publications.

Ceriani assured that she intends to become famous, which is why she is dating Adamari López’s ex.

In “Gossip No Like” it was said that “La Bichota” is dedicated to selling imitation bags.

Was there infidelity?

Supposedly, this relationship began with an infidelity on the part of Evelyn towards her then partner.

Travel together

Although they have not directly confirmed their courtship, Toni and Beltrán often share on their social networks moments the trips they have made together.

Well, the dancer usually visits several cities to teach his Zumba classes and sometimes she accompanies him.

Adamari López’s reaction

After Toni Costa’s new relationship was announced, the host of “Hoy día” shared a video on her social networks with the message: “When the person who was on a pedestal falls”.

Adamari and Toni have a cordial relationship

After more than half a year apart, the celebrities have a friendly and cordial relationship for the sake of their daughter Alaïa.

They even spent time together at Thanksgiving dinner.

And in the program “Así se baila”, the three presented a choreography, which represented a closure in their love story.

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