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Nine years ago, Jenni Rivera’s life was turned off in a plane crash that occurred on December 9, 2012 when she was returning to Mexico City after finishing a concert at the Monterrey Arena in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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At dawn that day, she boarded a private plane at 3:00 am bound for the capital of the Aztec country to appear on the program “La voz”, where she was a judge. The arrival of the ship at the Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca was scheduled for 4:30 am, but this never happened. The jet where he was traveling crashed.

The news of his death caused shock and much pain in the family, friends and followers of the Diva de la Banda, who had won the affection of the public for his well-known songs such as “La gran Señora” and “Paloma negra”, considered hymns. .

But she did not travel alone, as she was accompanied by other people, who also died that fateful day. Next, we will tell you who it is.

Fans leave flowers and a poster of singer Jenni Rivera at a memorial site on December 10, 2012 in Burbank, California (Photo: Robyn Beck / AFP)


In addition to Jenni Rivera, his six companions died: Arturo Rivera Ruiz, his public relations officer, the pilots Miguel Pérez Soto and Alessandro Torres Álvarez, the lawyer Mario Macías Pacheco, the makeup artist Jacob Yebale and his hairdresser Jorge Armando Sánchez, known as ‘Gigi’ .

The causes of the accident could not be clarified, according to the general director of Civil Aeronautics, Gilberto López Meyer, so the investigation was closed in December 2014.

Forensic personnel search for evidence in the area where a plane of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera crashed on December 10, 2012, near Iturbide, Mexico (Photo: Julio César Aguilar / AFP)


Although many thought that Arturo Rivera was a relative of the singer for bearing the same surname, this was a mere coincidence. He was her public relationist and one of Jenni Rivera’s best friends.

In addition to being in charge of advertising the career of the Diva de la Banda, he was a journalist, graduated from PART University (Art, Radio and Television Journalism). He came to work in important media such as El Universal Gráfico, El Universal, TV and Novelas, in addition to founding the magazine Furia Musical, where he served as editorial coordinator until 2000.

That same year, Arturo Rivera opened his own public relations agency under the name “AR Prensa y RP”, working with groups and artists of regional Mexican music such as Pepe Aguilar, La Banda El Recodo, Recoditos, El Mimoso, among others. .

The wreckage of the plane carrying Jenni Rivera was found in northern Mexico and there were no survivors, authorities said (Photo: Julio Cesar Aguilar / AFP)


That morning of December 9, 2012, the singer and her work team took a photograph to immortalize the moment, without imagining that it would be the last of their lives.

“We are returning to Mexico City: Jenni Rivera, Arturo, Gigi and me. I love you! ”, Wrote Jacob Yebale on his social networks. Although the four appear, his lawyer Mario Macías Pacheco, pilot Miguel Pérez Soto and his co-pilot Alessandro Torres do not appear in the shot. The last two were piloting the private jet.

The last photograph that four of the travelers took from that fateful morning (Photo: Jacob Yebale / Social networks / El Heraldo de México)

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