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Gerard Piqué and Shakira have been a couple for more than 10 years

A romance of more than 10 years. More than a decade together, in which they lived with intensity and love around the world. Her children Milan and Sasha are the fruit of those days of passion between the international artist and the world sports star. But the Waka Waka seems to have entered its worst phase, as Gerard Piqué and Shakira go through a nightmare in the middle of their dreams.

The Spanish media put his followers on alert when Marca, from Madrid, reported that the Barcelona center-back was living in his bachelor’s house in the Catalan capital. It was not something sporadic or casual, since the defender settled a few weeks ago in his new home.

Rumors about the love crisis were developed by the portal El Periódico, from Barcelona, ​​​​assuring that the reasons for the conflict were generated from an infidelity that falls on the shoulders of the footballer. And in the last hours, in the Mamarazzis podcast, carried out by journalists Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, they gave details about the “third in discord”, emphasizing that it would be “a 20-year-old blonde, who works as a model in private events.

“The singer has caught him with another and that is why she would have made the decision to separate,” Laura Fa assured in dialogue with her partner. And she added: “That is so. Has occurred. That is why there is distance. Perhaps there is nothing left, but that (due to infidelity) has passed.

In this sense, another hypothesis proposed by the journalist Melih Esat Acil also emerged, who has stated on his Twitter account that the infidelity had taken place with the mother of a Barcelona teammate. “Shakira captured Gerard Piqué having an affair with another woman. That woman turned out to be the mother of young Barcelona star Pablo Gavi. Gavi is not aware of the incident”, was the message of the Turkish chronicler, who was later denied.

The news immediately became public domain. And in one of her last appearances, the singer and the soccer player were approached by several journalists and photographers from the Europa Press agency, who recorded a recent meeting between the Colombian and the Spanish aboard one of her vehicles. Although the chroniclers tried to consult about their current situation, both chose to ignore the press and dodge the sharp questions about their possible separation.

The striking thing is that the hostesses of Mamarazzis gave details of Piqué’s last nights, whom they consider “is unleashed”, partying with several of his Blaugrana teammates such as Riqui Puig at the Bling Bling and Patron nightclubs, both located in the most coveted area of ​​the Catalan capital.

In a globalized and increasingly connected world, the posts on the social networks of the protagonists were another focus of analysis. Neither of them has issued any details regarding the news that generated an international stir. And the experts in the entertainment press are encouraged to insinuate that the song I congratulate you -launched in April- would be about this crisis that Shakira would have with Gerard Piqué. I congratulate you, how well you act, I have no doubt about that, with your role continues, that show looks good on you… I don’t buy that cheap philosophy, I’m sorry, I don’t ride that bike anymore, two-faced people I can’t stand it, I put my hands on the fire for you and you treat me like one more of your cravings. Your wound didn’t open my skin, but it did open my eyes, they’re red from crying so much for you; It is one of the most outstanding parts of the Colombian hit.

In any case, no one dares to predict when the artist from Barranquilla found out about the alleged infidelity. Even in one of the last interviews that Piqué gave, the player gave the reasons why he had not married his partner. “I like how we are now, we have two children, we work well as a couple. We don’t need to be married… it’s fine”, was the response of the central defender in a public conversation with Gary Neville exposed in May. A month later, the romance that began in the celebrations of the champion Spain in South Africa 2010 could come to an end.


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