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Carmen Salinas is currently in a coma (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56)

The renowned actress Carmen Salinas has been hospitalized since last November 10 because she suffered a stroke, she enjoyed one of her soap operas currently on broadcast, then had dinner and then went to bathe, in that room of her house is where she fainted and her relatives found her a few minutes later.

Every day, the family of this actress speaks with the media to publicize the medical information of Carmelita Salinas, currently it is known that she would have suffered irreversible brain damage, this information was released by Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of the veteran actress and impersonator.

According to the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INNN), the incident that Carmelita Salinas experienced is a neurological disorder that occurs abruptly and can have serious consequences, including death.

Hypertension is one of the causes of this affectation (Photo: Pixabay)

Last Friday, September 12, Nieto assured that Carmelita would not come out of the coma in which she is derived from the stroke suffered due to the hypertension that the actress has suffered for a long time, after the death of her son, Pedro Plasencia: “Hypertension it is the cause that caused the spill ”.

According to the INNN, the risk factors for a person to suffer from a Cerebral Vascular Event (CVD) are the following:

-High pressure or hypertension, in this case, this is the medical condition that would have caused Carmen Salinas’ stroke.

-Heart problems


-High cholesterol levels


After the stroke suffered by the theater producer last Wednesday night, the consequences on his health would be definitive:

Carmen Salinas may no longer wake up from a coma

“There were three neurologists who visited Carmen and they all agree that the spill caused irreversible damage. What they are telling us is that he is not going to wake up, but we are waiting for a miracle, anything could happen, ”Nieto told journalist Azucena Uresti on his radio program.

On the other hand, the nephew of the actress Gustavo Briones shared on Friday night the hacking attempt suffered by his aunt’s cell phone number.

While the actress’s family lives in anguish, hurries and waits for Carmen Salinas to show improvement, a person outside her relatives would have taken advantage of the situation, as she tried to install WhatsApp using the actress’s number to -probably- ask for money from her Name.

Carmen Salinas’ relative asked people not to fall for scams (IG: carmensalinas_56)

It is very common that the security of most social networks requires an identity verification step when creating an account, in the case of WhatsApp, the application sends an SMS message with a code to the user, which must be entered accordingly. Return.

This action aims to verify that the person really has access to the number they are trying to register, this prevents identity theft and privacy violation.

Somehow, the number of Carmen Salinas would have been leaked and a person tried to install WhatsApp taking advantage of the famous identity, the verification messages with various codes were received by Gustavo Briones.

The actress is recognized for working on different projects (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56)

The actress’s nephew requested that, in case of receiving a message “from Carmen Salinas”, her fans refrain from supporting, as it would be a fraud or a scam, there is no money collection made by the family of the actress.

“I want to tell you something else, not to spread the word about my aunt’s WhatsApp, right now they tried to hack it, I received messages to enter codes, I don’t know who is doing it, you see that right now it is fashionable to ask money through WhatsApp ”, commented Briones.

Similarly, he clarified that Carmen Salinas’ medical expenses are being covered by the National Association of Actors (ANDA).


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