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The Gossip Girl series left the screen 8 years ago and so did many of its cast members! So today The Catcher spills the tea on what happened to the Gossip Girl cast after the finale. The show made Taylor Momsen quit her acting career? Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) is cancelled for life now after three women spoke up against him? And why did Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) say she would never wanna return to that toxic set? Questions on Gossip Girl then and now are finally answered! The actress Leighton Meester has not left Hollywood completely but her recent ventures may have to be on pause for a couple of months. And here is why! Do you still miss Chuck and Blair after all these years? The Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair pair was one hell of a romance, but in real life though the actress is done dating. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have officially married and are now parents to two children. Can you believe it? Leighton Meester now is creating her own music and films in the Single Parents series sharing her insight on parenthood. In the meantime, unlike her co-star, Taylor Momsen ditched Hollywood productions, found her music band called The Pretty Reckless and reinvented herself as a rockstar. Right now the actress is working on her new album and her before and after pictures will leave you speechless! Gossip Girl where are they now update is not all about love stories and butterflies though. Not a while ago, Gossip Girl Chuck actor had to face some serious issues in his career. After several women spoke up against the actor and revealed shocking information, we didn’t think Westwick could stay in Hollywood. Recent Ed Westwick interview revealed the star is back on screen and this time in a wartime movie. Gossip Girl Nate actor, Chace Crawford, had a Gossip Girl reunion! The actor is the only one from the cast who maintains contact with almost every single star on the show, including Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr. While Chase is still looking for the one, Jessica has recently announced she found her ride or die. To confirm her perfect match the actress also dropped the news about her pregnancy. Despite her role in The Orville series, Szohr manages to multitask and juggle her acting with a new role of a mom-to-be. Comment below which story shocked you the most and what do you expect to see in the upcoming reboot. Subscribe to our channel and as always thanks for watching! xoxo gossip girl!
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42 thoughts on “Why Hollywood WON'T Cast THESE Gossip Girl Actors | The Catcher

  1. Well yeah, The Deep is so much more interesting than Nate! And that is definitely interesting about Meester. I would regret having a crush on Charles. Sure, Westwick was awesome. And Charles did have charm, the fact that he would do nothing but sleep around (when he wasn't with Blair) would be a real turn off.

    Seriously, he had no control and couldn't keep in in his pants. And hey maybe, Westwick just took those roles to try to break away from Bass. And while in no way downplaying what these women said, but it is also really easy to fling mud (words/allegations).

  2. Taylor Momsen portrays herself as unappreciative and spoilt. I understand she wanted to follow her true passion, though it doesn’t give her the right to be disrespectful to a role others would die for.

  3. I never watched Gossip Girls but I remember Taylor Momsen was always in the tabloid news partying hard, drunk, fighting etc and they were comparing her to Lindsay Lohan.

    I saw somewhere Leighton saying her real passion is music, this was the path she always wanted to follow, not acting. I think as long as she's able to sing, she's happy, even if she's not mainstream.

  4. i know a little too much and i am very much upset that ed and leighton are not together 🥲 and never knew ed was british!!! welp it’s not gonna be the same finishing gossip girl☹️

  5. Regarding to Westwick, I stand with the victims. Not because the justice system bended to his favor does it mean he is innocent. Many rape accusation never proceed because there is not enough evidence and because the victim took a long time to speak up, but that doesn't make them any less valid. Also, rapists don't rape everyone, so Jessica or his other girlfriends' stating they don't think he would do it means nothing. I know dudes that were nice to me but assaulted my friends, confirmed. On the other hand, false accusations are not that frequent, statistically speaking.

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