Source: Wife EXPOSE her Cheating Pastor for spending all his family funds on BECKY with the good hair

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24 thoughts on “Wife EXPOSE her Cheating Pastor for spending all his family funds on BECKY with the good hair

  1. He was already in a relationship with Becky, before he left .

    He said he needed a prayer partner.

    Just Wait For It?

    Before It's Over,.
    He's Going To Really Need Prayers Warriors.
    For He's Consequences…

  2. If I’m not mistaken she said she was a nurse I could have misheard but whatever the case he been messing around with her but what is even more crazier is I almost can bet he been doing this before “Becky” he just never left

  3. Those Pastors/ Preacher's are the most one's serious stalkers they are to especially when u tell them No, dangerous they are.. Churches are their undercover helps them wear their Mask better.. This all day everyday.

  4. Those unicorn ‘good black men’ are looking like they are hiding real good….where they at? 😂😂😂 good luck out there ladies…you’ll need it 🙏🏾

  5. Religious narcissist are the very worst. They use a belief system to manipulate and hoodwink. "Christian" my azzhole. Your girl was extremely creative with the price is right expose though 😆

  6. This woman needs a good lawyer and lots a prayer she should post some zelle names and go fund me account some thing so that she can drag him in the name of Jesus

  7. Any woman that can hold it together as she has has something up her sleeve . He better watch out and ole Becky better be careful Any who I hope she gets alimony and child support and pain and suffering etc suck them both bone dry 🤣🤣🤣I’d be laughing to the bank on them . Cheat on clown 🤡

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