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The event caused a great ‘shock’ for everyone, from those attending the event to spectators who saw the awards on their screens, and the comedian said he hoped to see her in the sequel to ‘GI Jane’ (1997 film in which Demi Moore shaved off her hair to play the role of a Navy Seal wannabe.)

For this reason Smith went on stage and slapped Rock hard; Since then the controversy has been unleashed by his violent action and even now it has already reached his children.

Trey, the eldest son of Will Smith, has endured accusations of family violence without foundation

The firstborn of the Oscar-winning actor (2022) is not Jada’s son, but was born from Will Smith’s first marriage.

It must be remembered that in 1992 the famous man married Sheree Zampino, the boy’s mother (who actually bears the same name as his father: Willard Caroll Smith III, however, is better known by his nickname ‘Trey’).

This union only lasted three years; The couple’s divorce came in 1995, but the actor remained in contact with his descendant.

Now, with his father’s incident at the 2022 Oscar Awards, several netizens went to his family photos on Instagram to reproach his father’s behavior in the comments section.

They even suggest that Trey suffered from family violence without foundation or evidence just because they saw the slap in the middle of the ‘show’.

For this reason, a user under the pseudonym ‘themiaboushow’ wrote the following words of encouragement:

“I am sorry to see the comments of those who personally attack you and your family for the words of Chris Rock […] In time, things will settle down, as they have many times before with celebrities.”

Jaden Smith’s education has been questioned due to his tweet about the Oscars 2022

After the Oscar Awards ceremony, Will Smith’s second son (and the first the actor had with Jada Pinkett) chose to tweet a phrase as ambiguous as it was criticized: “And this is how we do it.”

It was not known for sure if he was referring to the slap his father gave the comedian for disrespecting Jada or the fact that Will was the winner in the Best Actor category; however, netizens related it to the first option.

For this reason, many questioned the education that Will and his wife gave Jaden, because “they normalize violence” and “a toxic masculinity.”

“Honey, this is not how adults behave. I’m sorry that violent behavior is being normalized on you by those who are supposed to be teaching you about right and wrong.”

“It is a very sad example that your father has given you and other men. Celebrating violence and rage is never appropriate. Toxic masculinity was on full display and it’s hardly love behavior.”

Of course, Jaden also had fans who defended him, one of them being Twitter user Amanda Siebe.

“As a woman with a disability, I appreciate your father’s actions. Medical conditions should never be the butt of a joke. My partner and I discussed it this morning and he would have done the same if I had been the one being made fun of,” she said. that would be worth the charge. Kudos to your dad.”

Willow was affected by harassment during the release of her new single ‘Purge’

For her part, the youngest daughter of Will Smith has also received countless comments that disapprove of her father’s violence during the 94th edition of the Oscar Awards (2022).

An example of this can be seen in the Instagram post promoting his new single ‘Purge’ (2022).

There are comments criticizing his family, but his fans were present applauding his musical career.

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