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The 94th Academy Awards ceremony will be remembered forever thanks to the surreal moment starring Will Smith, which marred his big night as the winner of the Oscar for Best Leading Actor for his performance in The Williams Method; after getting up from his seat and slapping comedian Chris Rock while he was presenting an award and in his speech made a joke in bad taste in reference to the lack of hair on Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, who has publicly acknowledged that she suffers from alopecia.

A very uncomfortable moment for Pinkett, which caused her husband to react and pronounce the already famous threat: “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”, towards the comedian, to the total bewilderment of those present.


Will Smith punches Chris Rock during the Oscars

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An attitude that has completely divided the entire world, with some trying to empathize with the artist’s reaction, while others completely condemn Smith’s ways and use of violence. However, this attitude, although it may seem surprising, is not new, because Will Smith has always been very sensitive to what they could say about his wife.

Will has always been very sensitive about what they could say about Jada Pinkett, with whom he has been married since 1997.

This is precisely how a Twitter user remembers it, who has rescued an unpublished moment from one of Will Smith’s first visits to El Hormiguero, more than a decade ago, in which it is shown precisely that the actor does not take this very well kind of jokes.

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It happened more than ten years ago, when the actor went to the program to promote Karate Kid with his son, Jaden Smith and his wife, Jada. The family came to Pablo Motos’ space to applause, but when the Valencian tried to joke with the actor’s wife, Will Smith cut him off, warning him: “Pablo, be careful with the words for my wife.”

Will Smith already warned Pablo Motos of what could happen to him. #Oscars

– Toni Morejón (@ToniMorejon) March 28, 2022

A comment received with laughter by Pablo Motos, but now it is loaded with meaning after what happened last Sunday. After that first meeting, the Valencian actor and presenter would become great friends and would even collaborate as partners in various projects throughout the more than 15 years of friendship they have maintained. For this reason, Pablo Motos’s was one of the most anticipated reactions, and after what happened, the presenter wanted to speak, give his opinion about his friend.

Will Smith has visited ‘El Hormiguero’ seven times.

Third parties

“We don’t know the details. We do not know if there was already tension between them, nor the level of suffering of his wife with her alopecia, nor how upset you can be on the night that they are going to give you an Oscar”, justified the presenter of El Hormiguero: “Violence is unjustifiable, Will Smith has screwed up and Hollywood is going to make him pay dearly,” he said, emphasizing that he was “one of the most special people” he had ever met.

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