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welcome to my new subliminal series, the show series!! all of these subliminals will be extremely extraordinary and will spice up your life to the max !1!1! keep updated :))

– xoxo, soap fairy ^^

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+ “gossip girl here and i have the biggest news ever.”
someone starts a gossip girl page for your school, the gossip girl page reveals and posts the most scandalous things about people & drama, all their posts are juicy & exciting to read, the gossip girl site never gets taken down for bullying harassment or etc, no one finds out who’s behind the gossip girl page, pictures are taken and posted to show proof on the gossip girl, everyone in your school knows about the gossip girl page but no one knows who’s behind it, everything that gets exposed on the gossip girl page is super exciting and true, no teachers or parents know about gossip girl, gossip girl’s site is immune to getting taken down, gossip girl exposes everyone bad in your school, the effects of being on gossip girl are brutal, you & your friends are the most popular people in your school, everyone thinks you guys are the coolest, the “it” person at your school, gossip girl doesn’t get suspended for being gossip girl, no one is able to figure out who gossip is, gossip girl is always active, gossip girl is like gossip girl from the show (gossip girl), gossip girl always posts true and juicy information, everyone is always waiting to see what gossip girl is going to post next, gossip girl is never late to posting anything, gossip girl is always the first person to know about something, gossip girl is always around to catch and take pictures of all the drama happening around the school. you and your friends are immune to anything bad being posted about you guys, immune to getting anything bad posted about you on gossip girl, anything posted about you on gossip girl is extremely positive, the person running gossip girl is immune to being racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist or etc, look extremely stunning and beautiful when posted on the gossip girl page, everyone in your school has notifications on for the gossip girl page, everyone gets notified right away when gossip girl posts, everyone in your school is interested in what gossip girl has to say, whenever gossip girl posts people will whisper “did you hear gossip girl posted?” “check her newest post, it’s juicy!!”

🎙 : gossip girl !!

this is vv detailed :))
listen however much you want, results depend on you.
desired results only.
personal booster included.
calm ver:

carrd ( get to know me !! ) :
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– yours truly, soap fairy

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30 thoughts on “xoxo gossip girl💋 subliminal

  1. It works!! When i came back to school after the fall break the was somone who started a gossip girl Instagram and spill the tea and now everybody is talking about her/he love you❤️

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