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– You only get desired results‼️‼️ (so you can block out what you don’t want.)
– Stay hydrated💧
– I recommend listening 5+ times a day.
– Headphones are OPTIONAL.
– You can listen overnight.
– Results come in different times for everyone.
– Results are permanent.
– This ISN’T unisex! There are affirmations in this subliminal that are specifically for females!

Y’all I worked on this for 4 hours. Trust me when I say that I think this might be the most powerful subliminal I’ve ever made. Make sure to stay hydrated!! I used so many different layers + boosters omg I still can’t believe how powerful this is.

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5 thoughts on “xoxo Gossip Girl subliminal

  1. Benefits:✨💸
    – Visit the most beautiful places in your country every week.
    – Go out drinking with friends every night.
    – Go to parties every week.
    – People constantly invite you to the best parties.
    – Parents are okay with you inviting people over (no matter what race, religion, gender etc.)
    – Go out to expensive restaurants with friends every night.
    – Have something to do every single day.
    – Go to a different country for weekends (for my babes who live in Europe.)
    – Get free alcohol, drugs etc.
    – Manifest expensive clothes.
    – Make new friends easily.
    – Be a social butterfly.
    – Imagine Serena & Blair shopping in Paris.
    – Manifest hot guys friends from every (ethnicity, race, religion.)
    – Manifest a shit ton of money.
    – People know that you are so mf rich.
    – Manifest a car + license.
    – Manifest Guy friends that are older for you.
    – Manifest Guy friends like “Zeke Presanti” from Big Time Adolescence.
    – Manifest gel nails.
    – Parents let you go out every night and don’t care when you get home (like obv they care but you don’t need to be home at a certain time.)
    – Be able to handle your alcohol.
    – Become close with your cousins your age.
    – Be able to stay up all night and still wake up early for the next day.
    – Always have people texting you and calling you.
    – People love being on face time with you.
    – Your family knows that you are popular.
    – Become an influencer.
    – Never get bullied.
    – People at your school love you and want to be just like you.
    – Boys at your school know that you are hard to get.
    – Manifest loyal friends.
    – Parents give you alcohol for parties etc.
    – Make new friends every time you go on vacation.
    – Look like you belong in gossip girl.
    – Manifest girl friends like Serena and Blair.
    – GUY friends loveee being around you, touching you (not in a weird way.) they love having u on their lap and shit.
    – GUY friends are SOOO mf protective of you.
    – GUY friends leave you alone, act different in a good way when you start talking to a guy, dating etc.
    – Be comfortable around your friends.
    – Manifest friends like Chuck bass, Nate and Dan from Gossil Girl.
    – Get rid of social anxiety, anxiety, depression etc.
    – Always be safe while drinking, using drugs etc.
    – Be immune to; getting harassed, sexually assaulted, r*pe etc.
    – Guy friends loveee coming over to your house, or spending time with your family.
    – Your family know your friends and love them.
    – Your guy friends’s family love and adore you.
    – Go on vacation with ur friends.
    – Everyone wants to be like you.
    – People want to have the exact same life as you.
    – People come up to you all the time telling you how you’re their idol and how they look up to you.
    – Your family is so proud of you and loves you unconditionally.
    – Life becomes 10000x better every time you breath.
    – Start eating healthier.
    – Become the best version of yourself.
    – Become 999999999x more prettier every time you blink.

  2. 💫beneficios💫
    – Visita los lugares más bellos de tu país todas las semanas.
    – Sal a beber con amigos todas las noches.
    – Ve a fiestas todas las semanas.
    – La gente te invita constantemente a las mejores fiestas.
    – Los padres están de acuerdo con que invite a la gente (sin importar la raza, religión, género, etc.)
    – Sal a restaurantes caros con amigos todas las noches.
    – Tener algo que hacer todos los días.
    – Ir a un país diferente los fines de semana (para mis bebés que viven en Europa).
    – Consiga alcohol, drogas, etc. gratis.
    – Ropa cara manifiesta.
    – Haz nuevos amigos fácilmente.
    – Sea una mariposa social.
    – Imagínese a Serena & Blair comprando en París.
    – Manifestar amigos de chicos calientes de cada (etnia, raza, religión).
    – Manifestar un montón de dinero.
    – La gente sabe que eres tan rico.
    – Manifestar coche + carnet.
    – Amigos Manifest Guy que son mayores para ti.
    – Amigos de Guy manifiestos como "Zeke Presanti" de Big Time Adolescence.
    – Uñas de gel manifiestas.
    – Los padres te dejan salir todas las noches y no les importa cuando llegas a casa (como es obvio que les importa, pero no necesitas estar en casa a una hora determinada).
    – Sea capaz de manejar su alcohol.
    – Hazte cercano a tus primos de tu edad.
    – Poder permanecer despierto toda la noche y despertarse temprano para el día siguiente.
    – Siempre hay personas que te envíen mensajes de texto y te llamen.
    – A la gente le encanta estar cara a cara contigo.
    – Tu familia sabe que eres popular.
    – Conviértete en un influencer.
    – Nunca te dejes intimidar.
    – La gente de tu escuela te quiere y quiere ser como tú.
    – Los chicos de tu escuela saben que eres difícil de conseguir.
    – Amigos leales manifiestos.
    – Los padres te dan alcohol para fiestas, etc.
    – Haz nuevos amigos cada vez que te vas de vacaciones.
    – Parece que perteneces a Gossip Girl.
    – Amigas manifiestas como Serena y Blair.
    – A los amigos GUY les encanta estar cerca de ti, tocarte (no de una manera extraña). Les encanta tenerte en su regazo y esas cosas.
    – Los amigos GUY son MUY protectores contigo.
    – Los amigos GUY te dejan en paz, actúan diferente de una buena manera cuando comienzas a hablar con un chico, a tener citas, etc.
    – Siéntete cómodo con tus amigos.
    – Amigos manifiestos como Chuck bass, Nate y Dan de Gossil Girl.
    – Deshazte de la ansiedad social, la ansiedad, la depresión, etc.
    – Esté siempre seguro mientras bebe, usa drogas, etc.
    – Ser inmune a; ser acosado, agredido sexualmente, r * pe, etc.
    – A los amigos les encanta ir a tu casa o pasar tiempo con tu familia.
    – Tu familia conoce a tus amigos y los ama.
    – La familia de tus amigos te ama y te adora.
    – Vete de vacaciones con tus amigos.
    – Todos quieren ser como tú.
    – La gente quiere tener exactamente la misma vida que tú.
    – La gente se te acerca todo el tiempo para decirte cómo eres su ídolo y cómo te admiran.
    – Tu familia está muy orgullosa de ti y te ama incondicionalmente.
    – La vida se vuelve 10000 veces mejor cada vez que respiras.
    – Empiece a comer más sano.
    – Conviértete en la mejor versión de ti mismo.
    – Vuélvete 999999999 veces más bonita cada vez que parpadeas.

  3. Y’all when I tell you this works!! I only listened to this on koop overnight with my other subs (I have 6 subliminals in my playlist) and like an hour ago one of my besf asked if we could hang out (she’s never done that)

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